Characters: Captain Contingency

Name: Leah Rattanakosin (formerly Dr. David Montri)

Height: 5'3" (formerly 5'9")

Weight: 119 pounds (formerly 162 pounds)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: Asian (of Thai descent)

Known relatives: Delilah Rattanakosin (sister), Reuben Rattanakosin (nephew), unknown father (deceased)

Education: MBA from USC Marshall School of Business

Aliases/nicknames: N/A

Skills/abilities: Whoever possesses the power of Captain Contingency has a probability-based awareness that can almost always determine the most favorable outcome in dire circumstances. The awareness barely works without a threat at hand, which has led some naysayers in the superheroic community to call this role "superfluous," but when push comes to shove, it's often been the unassuming Thai person in the background who emerges with the plan to save the day. This awareness is both strategic (in terms of coordinating people and resources) and tactical (place foot here, kick there, et cetera) in allowing the Captain to achieve feats of great derring do and effectiveness.

Best known for: Scaling ten stories of falling debris to catch the Star Sceptre before it could fall into the wrong hands in Quito, multiple instances of defeating dozens of conventionally armed attackers with almost comical precision.

Known Affiliations: The Line

Place of birth: Surin/Bangkok, Thailand

Marital status: Single

Brief personal history: The land called Mueang Thai has, since history has been recorded in the area, generated an unexplained phenomenon whereas one inhabitant would be "blessed" with the power to, essentially, find a way out of almost anything. Many of them were military men, fighting for others, but many simply lived in their villages, protecting the people they knew from the disasters of every day life.

The first such person to come under the attention of first world powers was an old man called Papa, whose athletic agility when 1950s-era American operatives chased a cell from the terrorist organization The Hierarchy into his village and he took down a dozen Golden Tiger Adherent-class mecha and an Autumn Shadow Companion-class mecha shocked the hardened heroes. Papa reluctantly took on the title of Captain Contingency, a very loose translation of the concept's Thai roots, and helped heroes when all else failed.

When Papa passed away peacefully in his sleep in 1978, the power passed on to a woman named Rachel Champan, who again reluctantly served until her death, saving orphans from a typhoon in 2003. At that point, the power passed on to David Montri, a physician with Doctors Without Borders from Manila, who leapt into the life of superheroics with great vigor until he died during the early missions of The Line. At that point, management consultant Leah Rattanakosin discovered the power had passed to her while she was on a business trip in Seattle and began a reluctant career in heroism that has nonetheless become distinguished. An eldest sister who cared for her sister after her single parent father passed away when she was fifteen, she'd had more than her share of responsibility and at first shied away from taking on more.
The Smoking Mirror took her under his wing as a protege and he reminded her of her deceased father, so they were fast friends. His death at the battle of the Aesir was a huge blow to her but she continued on and fully seized the legacy she'd inherited.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan