Characters: Discordia

Name: Discordia

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 210 pounds

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Ethnicity: Greek

Known relatives: Nyx (mother, sole parent), Hemera (Day, sister), Ponos (Toil), Lethe (daughter, Forgetfulness), Limos (daughter, Famine), Algos (son/daughter, Sorrow), Hysminai (daughters, Fightings), Makhai (sons and daughters, Battles), Phonoi (sons, Murder), Androctasiai (daughters, Manslaughters), Neikea (daughters, Quarrels), Pseudologoi (sons, Lies), Amphilogiai (daughters, Disputes), Dysnomia (daughters, Lawlessness), Ate (daughter, Folly) and Horkos (Oath, who punishes oathbreakers).

Education: Raised and reared as a goddess amongst the Olympians

Aliases/nicknames: The Daughter of Night, Eris, Strife, Conflict

Distinguishing characteristics: A scar down the right side of her face from a duel with Hera

Known Affiliations: None

Best known for: Stoking conflict wherever she goes.

Skills/abilities: Discordia is a goddess of the Olympian pantheon, and as such has a frightening host of extrahuman powers. She can fly, she has super strength (able to easily hoist 70 tons), virtual invulnerability, telekinesis, teleportation and casting illusions. She has superhuman stamina and endurance, as well as being immune to almost any illness known to affect mankind. She has a special ability to create constructs of sheer psychological power, golden apples, that affect the amygdala and create a sense of panic, anger of paranoia in all but the most powerful and protected minds -- after their first encounter, the members of The Line each have sat with Hera for an hour as she cast an elaborate protective spell over each to protect them from the effects of Discordia's power. Discordia is also perhaps the world's best combatant with a sword, and uses hers in concert with her other powers to devastating effect. She has lived on earth for centuries and manipulates a wide variety of corporations and parties, finding favor in almost every corner.

Place of birth: A corner of the pit of Tartarus

Marital status: Single

Ambitions: To tear it all apart, to end the reign of the Olympians in the hearts and minds of mankind

Brief personal history: Discordia was one of a number of gods born to Nyx (night) in secret, hidden away in a corner of the deep abyss called Tartarus. Part of a hidden, shunned branch of Olympians, Discordia realized that she could only win by playing a longer game than her contemporaries. She knew that the Aesir of the Norse would, eventually, come to an unpleasant end but the myths gave no such expiration date for the Olympians, who she feared had more staying power somehow. With an unknown father, she began breeding a host of children to aid her in her efforts. Through the centuries, she has worked largely through their hands, aided by a cultural shift towards chaos, to create sitautions through which she could achieve her goal to one day become the queen of all divinity. Hermes discovered elements of her plans and Apollo proved it, which led Zeus to order Artemis to begin a pogrom against the children of Strife. Only Ares resisted with force, ending up trapped in ya pada ("forever") chains by Haephaestus under the sands of Palestine, but Aphrodite pleaded for love and forgiveness. Most of Discordia's children were slain or imprisoned in different parts of the world. Finally, after the Aesir fell thanks to the machinations of a Midgaard Serpent they never expected (Kukulkan, Quetzacoatl, the Smoking Mirror), she took it as a sign that history was changing and she should accelerate her plans, stepping out of the shadows to strike at the greatest of her surviving enemy, Hera. Only three others had survived -- trapped Ares, drunken Dionysus and Proteus, secreted away in the Marianas Trench. Now, dallying with villains and the mad, Discordia bides her time, anxious to reveal her greatest plan of all.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan