Titles Available from The Operative Network

While The Operative Network is not a traditional publisher, we serve as an umbrella group for a number of independent publishers who put out materials carrying our banner. Why? In the same way that a listener comes to expect certain production values from a New Edition record, regardless of whether it's Bobby, Ralph or Johnny, the Operatives hold each other to a high standard of expectations and believe that we all represent each other.

Therefore, we present to you creator-owned works that we warranty as our best. We hope you'll agree.

Menthu by Todd Harris


Ancient Egypt meets the modern world as a demigod patrols the skies of the City of Angels.
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midnight Tiger


A teenager stumbles into super powers and a chance to save the troubled streets of his city.
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Project Wildfire

Project Wildfire

An unlikely superman battles giant monsters on southern streets.
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A goddess leads the world's greatest heroes against the coming of the night.
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T.A.S.K. logo


An intergovernmental team battles menaces from beyond.
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