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"We endure"
~Waso's Proverb

Since the events of Dusu: Path of the Ancient and Waso: Will to Power, the Omdar of the Gathering Wind has grown as a man and a chief. Through cunning and a courage often bordering on rage, Waso and his tribe have conquered a Selvanu (Wood Elf) clan, thus gaining new allies but renewing old hatreds. When his beloved Uun-Sil is captured, Waso's wrath will take him on a path not even the shaman herself could have predicted.

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Cover by Marcus Lindgren
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Book Description (from the publisher):

"The wind, fire, root and stone, you are.
The black of the laughing storm, I be."
~Galemren Proverb

Following the events of Dusu: Path of the Ancient, Waso has inherited a battered, bloodied, and diminished tribe. The fierce and irritable Galemren has gained some of the wisdom that comes with leadership, but the young Omdar still has much to learn and very little room to err, for as the hunter well knows... a wounded animal is easy prey.

And yet his name will become legend. One written in blood.

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Written by Hannibal Tabu
Cover by Hyoung Taek Nam
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