Midnight Tiger

Apollo Bay, California was a city in crisis. The crime rate rose as the population dropped. As bullets sang through the streets and illicit trade prospered on almost every street corner, the police and local government seemed powerless to stop the chaos. Elsewhere, brightly-clad heroes dashed through the skies, intent on saving the world ... but Apollo Bay remained lost.

Gavin Shaw was an ordinary kid trying to make it through the madness. A fan of impossible paladins for justice, he harbored a little resentment that his corner of the world never seemed to be worth saving. These thoughts didn't stop him from acting when he saw Lionsblood, one of the heroes on his TV screen, wounded in the street. Gavin leat to aid the hero, ending up in the crossfire as the super villain Lionsblood was fighting made a final attack. Gavin closed his eyes for what he thought would be the last time, content that he'd stood up for something.

When Gavin woke up, he had amazing strength, speed, agility and more. Lionsblood saved Gavin, but at the cost of his own life and suddenly, Apollo Bay had a hero of its own as Midnight Tiger prowled the streets, dishing out justice ... but making it home in time to finish his homework. Most of the time.

Created by Ray-Anthony Height and published by Action Lab Entertainment


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