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the cover for Irrational Numbers: Addition

Irrational Numbers: Addition

Hannibal Tabu and Giancarlo Caracuzzo (Batman '66, World War Mob) present a supernatural historical fiction saga with vampires, mathematics and many, many things to regret. The ancient matematician Pythagoras inadvertantly lets loose centuries of bloodshed in his quest to make his mark on educational history.
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the cover for Project Wildfire: Enter Project Torrent

Project Wildfire: Enter Project Torrent

Making a hero is an ... inexact science at best. When Sgt. Michael Marsden brings his vendetta home to Monsterwatch, eight words will change everything for the Shelby City Savior.
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  the cover for Here Comes Justice

Here Comes Justice

A sampler including materials from Project Wildfire, Menthu, Midnight Tiger and T.A.S.K. for free? 65 pages of superhero goodness for absolutely zero cost, you can't beat that ... so grab your copy today!
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the cover for Midnight Tiger #0

Midnight Tiger #0

Sometimes all it takes to become a hero is an unfortunate incident and a single split second decision. Behold the origin of Midnight Tiger!
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the cover for Midnight Tiger #1

Midnight Tiger #1

Fate steps in and gives young Gavin Shaw the power to be teenage hero Midnight Tiger and give his city a chance at redemption.
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the cover for Midnight Tiger #2

Midnight Tiger #2

When he finally comes face to face with P. Stone, Midnight Tiger will have some unexpected help from people who've watched him since the beginning as he learns to be careful what he wishes for.
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the cover for Aspen Universe Sourcebook

Aspen Universe Sourcebook

Your complete look into the NEW ASPEN UNIVERSE starts here! Character profiles, revealing story elements and more from hit Aspen titles such as Fathom, Shrugged, Soulfire, Charismagic, Jirni and more.
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the cover for Waso: Will to Power

Waso: Will To Power

An uncompromising fantasy novella based in Stranger Comics world of Asunda pits a young wild elf against the world. The world had better watch its back.
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the cover for The Crown: Ascension

The Crown: Ascension

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Girl turns out to be 8,500 years old. Much hilarity ensues in the debut novel from Hannibal Tabu, a story about love, immortality, revenge and an understanding of a stranger world.
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Watson and Holmes Vol. 2

Watson and Holmes Vol. 2

Co-plotted with 2 Guns creator Steven Grant, Hannibal's "A Soldier's Story" (drawn by Dennis Calero of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes fame) anchors this collection of mysteries.
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Waso: Gathering Wind

Waso: Gathering Wind

The sequel to Waso: Will to Power follows his wrath after the tribe's shaman, his beloved, is captured by unknown parties. This leads him to lengths that even she couldn't predict.
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Artifacts #35

Artifacts #35

Get the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt comic written by Hannibal Tabu with artwork from Nelson Blake 2, Eisner Award-winning artist Michael Avon Oeming and Jason Lewis.
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the cover for New Money #1

New Money #1

Illustrated by Eisner-nominated artist N. Steven Harris, this brash story is interpreted from the concepts of NFL superstar Philip Buchanon and written by Hannibal Tabu.
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Project: Wildfire #1

Project: Wildfire #1

The debut issue of the new legend, created by Quinn McGowan.
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the cover for Faraway


The biggest problem with building the world's smartest prison is an inmate whose life's mission has been to get inside.
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the cover for Project: Wildfire #2

Project: Wildfire #2

Wildfire leaves Shelby City and faces up to new challenges while grappling with his own hero's new-found "fame."
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the cover for Project: Wildfire #3

Project: Wildfire #3

In this issue, Wildfire globe trots to Japan to take down a Kaiju, but nothing is ever as simple as it seems.
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