The Operative Network is a full service creative studio creating work for comic books, fiction, advertising, marketing and display graphics. With more than 25 combined years of professional experience in writing and illustration, we specialize in spectacle.

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It's A Cruel, Cruel Summer

Available at San Diego Comic-Con, Cruel Summer: The Visual Mixtape is a look into the future of the Operative Network, showcasing the projects we have coming in the next year and beyond.

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Broadcasting live (sort of) ...

Hannibal Tabu launched his new podcast recently and announced the big panel he's going to do alongside fellow operatives Jason Reeves and Alverne Ball on Thursday at 4PM in room 32AB, plus a number of other swell surprises.

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A Piece Of The Action

Enjoy a page from the Glyph Award-winning comic book ONE NATION.

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Weekly review columnist for Comic Book Resources. Winner of the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt.
Hannibal Tabu (Chief Executive Operative)
Creator of One Nation. 2014 Glyph Award-winning artist.
Jason Reeves (Chief Brand Operative)
Creator of Project: Wildfire. Tattoo artist and musician.
Quinn McGowan (Chief Design Operative)
Creator of T.A.S.K. Writer and talent manager.
Damion Gonzales (Chief Agility Operative)
2014 Glyph Awards Rising Star recipient. Writer of One Nation.
Alverne Ball (Chief Content Operative)

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