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About The Sundering: The Nation Beneath Our Feet

From Laguna Studios, Damion Poitier and Hannibal Tabu, The Sundering: The Nation Beneath Our Feet is a Black-owned DND5e campaign setting book featuring artwork from talented illustrators from around the world. This work has been lauded by Keith Baker (the creator of Eberron), voice acting legend Phil LaMarr and Critical Role actor Taliesin Jaffe..

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From new subclasses like the Battle Ma'jai, races like the Vhengi, natural predators called "combacats" or new threats like the Zyca, The Sundering: The Nation Beneath Our Feet has not only its own specific oddities, but a fun feature to help players committed to long cherished characters -- the Nation landed in the middle of an unknown ocean on a world they've never seen. Is this world Eberron? Exandria? They don't know, and as a dungeon master, you can decide.

Want your long time cleric from an existing campaign to visit the Nation? "The ground shakes, and you find yourself on the Summit Road." It's that simple -- the dimension shaking nature of the game's design gives players and dungeon masters alike room to use anything existing in fifth edition lore or make something new and fascinating, seeing how the toys play together. There's room in the work for this to be an all new world, but if you want it to fit somewhere you know, that's totally doable.

Under the ownership of Poitier and Tabu, The Sundering: The Nation Beneath Our Feet presents possibly the highest profile Black-owned offering in the DND5e space. Likewise -- with a diverse pantheon of gods including Oya from the Orisha and Set from the Kemetic pantheon and the Nation itself being ruled by a trio of women of color to the highest lawman of the campaign's main town and his dockmaster husband -- the content confirms a commitment to making sure everyone has a place at the table.

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What Is The Sundering?

For hundreds of years, the Zwari Nation had known relative peace. A sovereign land on the west coast of the continent Empherial, it had strong relations with Alafia to the east and a well-negotiated detente with Szyrnia to the north, which gave the Nation time to heal its internal wounds and develop a somewhat fair society.

It was an ordinary afternoon in the middle of the week during the Season of the Hallowed Hunt, six months before our story begins. Children were in school, the hustle and bustle of commerce kept bodies moving along the Zwari Nation's roads and back alleys, and adventurers cast spells or raised weapons of war against threats big and small. For virtually everyone, there was no indication that anything was out of the ordinary.

First, there was a sudden crack of thunder so loud that it shook flagons and cups on tables from the mysterious Hotel Caledonia in the north to Klef in the south. The skies, by and large, were cloudless, which confused and surprised many. Then, keen eyed observers pointed to the gray spot in the western skies, growing larger. Soon, even schoolchildren were unable to mistake what they were seeing: the battered form of Orrin the Ashen Angel -- the second most powerful god in the heavens -- on fire, plummeting from the sky towards the Sea of Sorrows miles past the western cliffs of the Nation.

To put it plainly, what was happening was impossible. No one had ever seen a physical manifestation of this ancient god who sat at the right hand of Borzoi, and Castor before Borzoi, and Atakarsu before Castor. He was easily six hundred miles tall, a giant of impossible proportions, his gray wings and body aflame as he spiraled out of the sky, leaving a trail of black smoke behind him. Before sinking below the waves, Orrin's body impacted into the Sea of Sorrows with such force that it forced water to splash up so high it crested the cliffs along the western coast, hundreds of feet over sea level, as far inland as Kente, with waters lapping at the gates of Iubi underneath the ground.

The Nation barely had time to absorb this terrifying, impossible occurrence before the next shock hit. From seemingly nowhere, blades of sheer flame twice as large as Orrin himself slammed down just outside the gigantic wall called Unbroken Facade that surrounded the nation on its northern and eastern borders with Szyrnia to the north and Alafia to the east. The impact was so jarring that windows shattered across the Nation, unstable buildings toppled, and most horrifying of all, when the flames dissipated ... the continent of Ghezmaux was gone.

While first responders focused on righting the lives of a shaken citizenry, arcane practitioners and government forces scrambled for answers. Using flying mounts and magical means, it was quickly discovered that not only had the Nation been sheared off of the continent of Ghezmaux ... but all the way off of the planet of Emperiahl itself. That night, as a different number of moons were observed in the sky instead of the five everyone knew, every being in the Nation knew, things would never be the same.

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Created by Hannibal Tabu in conjunction with Damion Poitier and Laguna Studios.

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The Sundering