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Project Wildfire

Will Watson the Third never wanted to be a hero, but after a college experiment left him with incredible abilities, he found himself the only one able to battle a plague of monsters on the southern streets of his hometown as Agent Wildfire.

the cover for time corps #13

Project Wildfire:
Enter Project Torrent

Making a hero is an ... inexact science at best. When Sgt. Michael Marsden brings his vendetta home to Monsterwatch, eight words will change everything for the Shelby City Savior. Collects issues #4-#5, and is written by Hannibal Tabu with art from Quinn McGowan, colors by Cyril Brown and a cover by James Washington the 3rd.
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  the cover for project wildfire: street justice

Project Wildfire:
Street Justice

When unexpected hero Will Watson the 3rd meets a powerful woman who thinks he isn't doing enough as secrets start coming to light, will anything ever be the same? Collects issues #6-#8, written by Hannibal Tabu, with art by Quinn McGowan with colors by Cyril Brown and a cover by Ray-Anthony Height.
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