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Work With Aspen Comics

The creators at Aspen Comics relied on our own Hannibal Tabu to authoritatively help define their characters. Here are the works we made together.

the cover for Fathom Sourcebook

Fathom Sourcebook #1

Fans and new readers alike can dive even deeper into the depths of the Fathom Universe with Aspen's first-ever definitive guide to Michael Turner's undersea adventure.
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  the cover for Soulfire Sourcebook

Soulfire Sourcebook #1

From the mind of Michael Turner, a clash between magic and technology comes to life in a vibrant reference work featuring lush artwork from amazing talents from Aspen Comics.
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the cover for Executive Assistant Iris Sourcebook

Executive Assistant Iris Sourcebook #1

Lethal. Gorgeous. Effective. Who are the women called Executive Assistants, and why do they do the things they do? This illustrated guide covers everything you need to know.
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  the cover for Aspen Universe Sourcebook

Aspen Universe Sourcebook

Your complete look into the NEW ASPEN UNIVERSE starts here! Character profiles, revealing story elements and more from hit Aspen titles such as Fathom, Shrugged, Soulfire, Charismagic, Jirni and more.
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