Characters: Calamity

Name: Tabitha Suggs Bradshaw

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 155 pounds

Hair: None (was black)

Eyes: White (was brown)

Ethnicity: Black (American of African descent)

Known relatives: None

Education: Two years of community college, studying education

Aliases/nicknames: Algos

Distinguishing characteristics:

Best known for: Causing her home town of Garden City, Kansas to be swallowed in a huge sink hole.

Place of birth: Garden City, Kansas

Marital status: Widowed

Skills/abilities: Tabitha Bradshaw has great strength and durability, able to shrug off sticks of dynamite and high caliber gunfire, as well as being able to press twenty-five tons. In addition, she has the ability to direct blasts of negative probability towards specific targets from her eyes. For example, she can eye-blast someone, and suddenly they'll be hit by a falling meteor, or they'll slip and fall flat on their back, or they'll forget their ATM PIN number, or they'll have a debilitating gas pain in their abdomen. The exact degree of the effect varies wildly and Tabitha has no control over it, which she handles by blasting wildly and repeatedly until her opponent is defeated. She has shown no limit to her ability of repeatedly firing her power, and its effects work on literally anything she hits (if she hits a sidewalk, it can cave in, for example).

Brief personal history: Tabitha Suggs gave birth to her daughter Tina when she was only twenty-one, a single mother with no education and limited options. An orphan who grew up too pretty for her own good in the system, she worked double shifts as a waitress to take care of her home. When she met Jerry Bradshaw, he seemed too good to be true. He adored Tina, was affectionate, smart, and owned his own construction business. For six years they lived what she felt was an idyllic life, even helping Tabitha go back to school, until the fateful day her cell phone rang and everything changed. Tina was dead, Jerry disappeared, and from the evidence the police found, Jerry had been molesting her daughter for two years, finally accidentally killing her during a sexual assault. The guilt of bringing this man into her life and destroying her innocent child haunted her, eventually driving her to an insane asylum. While there, she evidenced extrahuman powers and escaped, determined to share the horrors of her life with the world.

Written by Hannibal Tabu