Characters: Enigmatic

Name: Kr'aall-Rchthl den Sapara

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 914 pounds

Hair: N/A

Eyes: N/A

Ethnicity: Extraterrestrial (Naturalized US citizen of Jellurian descent)

Group affiliation: The Line, the Bright Brigade of Dainab

Marital status: Widowed

Known relatives: Iiix den Sapara (spouse, deceased), Vywrl-S'yr'ait den Sapara (hatchling, deceased)

Education: Seventy cycles of advanced forensic science under the tutelage of the Dainab law-being Hranatax the Ever-Observant, advanced astronomy studies at the now-atomized Precenium of Cosmological Wonder.

Aliases/nicknames: The Clockwork Spaceman, The Shapeshifting Sleuth

Distinguishing characteristics: As a shapeshifter, every one Enigmatic's characteristics are fluid.

Skills/abilities: Enigmatic has the standard host of abilities of all Jellurians, including the ability to leap two miles at a time, near-invulnerability and level 50 strength (being able to lift/press up to 50 tons with no significant struggle). As well, he is able to shapeshift, his organic parts integrated with reconfigurable liquid metal elements to alter his appearance (and even height). He is able to absorb details about personalities from small amounts of information, making him a skilled actor. The high metallic component to both his organic blood and his mechanical elements make him particularly vulnerable to magnetism. He is an experienced detective and scientist in terms of astrophysics and space travel and has an extraordinary degree of patience with bureaucracy.

Best known for: Impersonating the slain Aesir Loki to infiltrate and stop the Aesir invasion, pointing federal authorities to brutal serial killer Dave Crosby before the man could claim his two hundredth victim.

Birth date: Approximately June, 1546 (exact date unknown)

Place of birth: The destroyed planet of Jelluri

Brief personal history: One of Jelluri's first space explorers, the genderless being who would come to be known as Enigmatic was examining flora on a neighboring planet when a mysterious wormhole opened. A comet blasted through the wormhole and knocked Jelluri off its orbit, slowly tumbling into its sun. den Sapara leapt into the spaceship to try and reach its homeworld, but wasn't fast enough to escape the wormhole's gravity. den Sapara was sucked into the wormhole just as its planet was destroyed, forcing the creature to watch, horrified.

The wormhole spat the ship out ten light years from Earth, where den Sapara landed and was rescued by the Bright Brigade of Dainab, a police organization that mixed "standards" (sentients with no extraordinary abilities) with "extras" (sentients possessing powers or abilities that made them different from baseline sentients) and welcomed den Sapara into their ranks after the being's scientific knowledge helped crack a smuggling ring while sitting and waiting to be interviewed.

den Separa was given extensive surgeries for injuries incurred during the wormhole transit, but the Bright Brigade had never seen Jellurian physiology, so they repaired him as best as they can using technology to fill in where their knowledge fell short. den Sapara, now almost 60% cyborg, fell under the tutelage of the wise old bear-like sentient Hranatax the Ever-Observant, a detective with the Brigade who became den Separa's best friend. They served together for many cycles until the two of them pursued a wanted gun runner to the planet Neptune. There, an invasion of the planet Earth was being staged by a group of aliens called the Aidem. Hranatax was killed in a struggle but before he died, he instructed den Sapara to travel to earth and warn their power structure.

Enigmatic arrived on earth four months after the Aesir invasion and was interviewed by The Line. Alongside the group of heroes, den Separa helped plan a counter attack and stopped the Aidem invasion cold. Applying for a leave of absence from the Bright Brigade, den Sapara has chosen a gender ("to make you all more comfortable") and elected to stay on Earth with its defenders, whose spirit reminded him of the freewheeling spirits who helped him find his way into space at first.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Maria Li