Characters: The Advocate

Name: Sriram Subramanian

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 170 pounds

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: Indian (Indian national of Marathi descent)

Known relatives: Prasanna Subramanian (younger brother)

Education: Bachelor of Legal Science & Bachelor of Law degree from the Government Law College in Mumbai

Group affiliation: Pan Galactic Justice Directorate, The Line

Aliases/nicknames: None

Distinguishing characteristics: None

Skills/abilities: Advocates number in the billions and each wear a Legisuit, a special body sheath imbued with powers and information required to administer cosmic justice. The prime function of the Legisuit is its Book of Law, a rudimentary sensor web and artificial intelligence database that has knowledge of the legal tenets and dictates of hundreds of billions of worlds and the Directorate itself. The sensor web is programmed with the stress responses of billions of species and can act as a rudimentary "lie detector," although those findings are not admissible as evidence of guilt. Second, Legisuits have a powerful life support system which greatly enhances the wearer's durability and protects them from harm with a series of energy based force fields. Third is an active weapons system incorporating a number of tactical apparatus including: "captu-beams" which encase a suspect in a tranquilizing sphere of expanding quantum foam based on their own specific biology, beams of concussive force called "slammers" that can be fired in a variety of configurations and up to 200 at one time and "tethers," magnetic and kinetic beams capable of moving large objects wherever the wearer wants. Fourth, each suit is attuned to its wearer's inner sense of right and wrong, which is why the selection process is so rigorous, and informs the Book of Law's alerts on infractions: for example, a less strict Advocate might not get alerted to crosswalking in the United States on earth, but a more conservative Advocate might find the angle incline of a respectful bow to a passing elder on Rangatel 17 too obtuse and issue a reprimand. The Advocate acts as enforcement and prosecution, making its case to the Book of Law, which records all prosecutory motions and renders judgments and sentencing immediately.

Best known for: Deflecting a meteor aimed at Earth by a vicious consortium of interstellar developers, successfully arguing the case for Earth's heroes at a criminal proceeding after another planet who worshipped the Aesir lost their religion.

Place of birth: Mumbai, India

Marital status: Single

Brief personal history: The Pan Galactic Justice Directorate has served as a body of law for a loose conglomeration of civilized worlds for more than four billion years, bringing jurisprudence to trillions upon trillions of sentients across hundreds of millions of light years. For millenia, the Advocates of the Justice Directorate considered the planet Earth too primitive for consideration of being gerrymandered into the nearby 459,012 to the power of 923rd District, even with the presence of advanced beings like Hera spending time there. When a rogue Advocate known as The Expatriate discovered this, he began using Earth as a hideout and playgound for his sadistic experiments, abducting and tormenting humans or just creating odd crop circles to confuse the populace. Concerned about bringing alien justice to such a backwater world, they did a global search for candidates to deputize and discovered criminal prosecutor Sriram Subramanian, a tireless public servant from Mumbai. A Justice Directorate team led by Assistant District Advocate P'ol Roon'kee teleported into Subramanian's office as he was preparing for a case and offered him the opportunity to pursue a higher calling ... and he turned them down, saying his case was too important to derail. Roon'kee offered him an option -- a robot duplicate, programmed with everything he knew, that could argue the case while he advised. They immediately produced one, which argued their case against Subramanian and convinced him it was able to carry on. Subramanian was taken into their ship and flown to the other side of the moon for a crash course in the use of a Legisuit, a powerful reconfigurable sheath of armor capable of ascertaining violations of the hundreds of billions of statutes under Directorate Law. With Roon'kee as a partner, they tracked down The Expatriate and caught him during a regenerative phase for his hacked Legisuit, defeating his defenses and getting the villain safely off world to be held at a Justice Directorate holding facility. Roon'kee offered Subramanian a Deputy Advocate position to protect Earth from spaceborne threats and he accepted ... provisionally. Subramanian's second case involved going off world to join an elite squad of Advocates fighting the stellar threat The Affliction, helping to capture it in a singularity trap but losing two senior Advocates in the process. Two years later Subramanian joined The Line in battling the Aesir invasion, and served until [REDACTED UNTIL THE LINE #0].

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan