False Flag: Character Dossiers

The file folders pertaining to the members of DangerWatch and the Union of the Snake are among the most carefully guarded secrets in the world. Assassins, spies, and some of the world's finest soldiers, to the world at large, much about them is a mystery.

Funny that these files would just be left lying around like this ...

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malik brown

Shop Steward

When it absolutely has to be right, what can Brown do for you?

  john perry jr.

Black Fury

A teacher believing in re-education through superior firepower.

malik brown


A Latina condesa on target with the intel and the money ... as far as she knows.



What does the secretive adventurer king have to do with soldiers and terrorists?



When she tells you "it's handled," nobody will ever find the bodies.



She knows a lot more than she lets on ... and maybe she'll tell you.

the organizer

The Organizer

The mastermind behind an international web of crime, terror ... and labor?

  general dante garrett

War Dog

The grumpy, tenured commanding officer of America's most elite task force.

the onyx dragon

The Onyx Dragon

Once the right hand to a hero, now the stylish man the world loves to hate.

  rock & soul

Rock & Soul

The lethal, effective spy who tells America, "your secrets are safe with me."

jack attack

Jack Attack

Behold the old soldier, patrols the globe slowly with a van & a gun & a lie like Kenobi.



A pistol packing paper pusher with an eye for talent, discrepancies and threats to America.

wrecking ball

Wrecking Ball

From America's sweetheart to a threat to national security, sister knows best.



Wait, what? What's he doing here? This isn't even his home universe!

dr. everett langston wheeler

Dr. Strangelove

There are times when his crimes will seem almost unforgiveable. He gives in to sin.

  dr. james hart


The team's resident egghead throws himself into being a good teammate as atonement.

iron rain

Iron Rain

Disaster means the forecast is for Iron Rain. By the time you see them, it's far too late.



False Flag, Created by Hannibal Tabu in conjunction with Demar Douglas, Quinn McGowan and Damion Gonzales.

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