False Flag: Dossiers (Weapons of War)

One company supplies the high tech "weapons of war" ("apparata belli" in Latin) and equipment needs for DangerWatch and the Union of the Snake -- the Kulak Group under their CEO, Laird Connor Viktor Maraud.

• All DangerWatch vehicles follow the "W.A.R. [X]" naming convention, standing for "Weaponized Action Requisition."
• Most Union of the Snake equipment is named after snakes, with the exception of the Wrecking Ball (pictured), named after its pilot's codename.
• The main weapons manufacturing competition for the Kulak Group is the Hierarchy, who work largely within the extrahuman and costumed community.

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Maraud is 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 Russian and half Haitian. He claimed the Maraud title and the Edinburgh estate after the mysterious death of his cousin Duncan. Claiming a distant lineage from Princess Natalia Alexandrovna Romanovskaya-Iskandera, the last of the Russian House of Romanov, he established the Kulak Group as a global leader in the technnology of destruction. With his militia the Crimson Shepherds as proofs of concept for many of the weapons that end up in the field on either side, there are almost no delinquent payments to the Kulak Group.


• W.A.R. ZONE (Mobile Battle Base)
• W.A.R. DANCE (single person combat sleds)
• W.A.R. LOCK (jet pack)
• W.A.R. MASTER (all terrain vehicle for three people)
• W.A.R. HAMMER (Apache combat helicopter)
• W.A.R. MONGER (main battle tank)
• W.A.R. WAGON (armored personnel carrier)
• W.A.R. MAKER (single person single cannon tanks)
• W.A.R. PATH (light armored vehicle with three Gatling guns)
• W.A.R. FARE (Jack Attack's special combat van)
W.A.R. PIG (Black Fury's van, matte black 1996 Chevrolet G20 that changes into a mobile battle platform)
• W.A.R. CRY (four person flying cars with two gun emplacements)
• W.A.R. HAWK (F-22)
• W.A.R. PLANE (supersonic transport plane)
• W.A.R. CRAFT (amphibious lander)
• W.A.R. DOG (triple changing transforming mecha suit just for War Dog
• THE RED RACER/ROVER (a special vehicle for the Red Panther that converts from sports sedan to mini van with many weaponized enhancements)


• CONSTRICTOR (gigantic stingray-shaped air/sea troop carrier/mobile base with triple flagella at the back)
• BUSHMASTER (small strike helicopters, skybikes like sitting on a rocket booster with a gun emplacement on the front)
• RACER (hover bikes)
• FER-DE-LANCE (all terrain vehicle for three people)
KEELBACK (Wrecking Ball's flying sphere-like tank)
• RIVERJACK (single person murder jet skis)
• CHRYSO (jet fighters based on the Sukhoi Su-47)
• SAVANE (main battle tank)
• GARTER (modified Sikorsky CH-54 cargo helicopter)
• TIGERSNAKE (customized version of the Soviet HIND)

False Flag, Created by Hannibal Tabu in conjunction with Demar Douglas, Quinn McGowan and Damion Gonzales.

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