Characters: Breathtaker

Name: Joshua David Reagan

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190 pounds

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Icy blue

Ethnicity: Caucasian (American of Irish descent)

Known relatives: Philip Reagan (father, television producer), Maria Reagan (mother, political scion, lobbyist)

Education: Dropped out sophomore year at the University of Southern California

Aliases/nicknames: Josh

Best known for: A murderous rampage near the Santa Monica promenade stopped by the hero The Messenger

Known affiliations: none

Place of birth: Brentwood, California

Marital status: Single

Distinguishing characteristics: None

Skills/abilities: Josh Reagan's greatest power is his mind, with his confidence being a close second. He has the ability to perceive things -- like angles for ricochets, or like putting together disparate facts to deduce a correct conclusion -- in less time than it takes him to complete a breath. This gives him almost flawless aim (as he's able to calculate things like wind effect in his head effortlessly). His mind works so fast he can tell where bullets are going by recognizing where the gun was when it was fired (by either auditory or visual clues, catalogued by his amazing mind). His mental abilities have sharpened his reflexes and his reaction times to superhuman levels. Through the use of these abilities, and his almost fanatical study of a variety of martial arts, he's been able to both dodge and deflect bullets with his bare hands. He has the strength of a normal human who engages in intensive regular exercise, and uses his ferocious tenacity to accomplish amazing feats. For instance, by calculating pressure points, he can manipulate a heavy cabinet to a point he can topple it easily. However, in addition to all this, Reagan has an amazingly upgraded metabolism, which allows him to derive twice as much nourishment from half as much food as normal people consume. Likewise, he's able to fight off fatigue and infection at greatly enhanced rates. He prefers fighting with escrima sticks.

Brief personal history: Josh Reagan had always been one of the popular kids, even when he was very young. Growing up in a well-to-do family, he grew up in the Hollywood Hills with a sense of entitlement. When his powers emerged at age 20, while he was a student at USC, he saw it as a natural progression in a wholly charmed life. He dropped out of school, hacking into family bank accounts to make off with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and toured the world, quickly picking up martial arts and concentration techniques with alarming speed. At age 28 he returned to Los Angeles, determined to establish himself as a criminal force to be reckoned with, taking everything he wanted.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan