Characters: The Messenger

the messenger, designed by quinn mcgowan Name: Nathaniel Newhaus

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 186 pounds

Hair: Light brown (shaven)

Eyes: Blue

Ethnicity: Jewish (American of Ashkenazi descent)

Known relatives: Dr. Samuel Newhaus (father), Judith Newhaus (mother)

Education: Bachelor's degree in art from Rutgers

Aliases/nicknames: The Fanboy

Distinguishing characteristics: As a child, the Messenger had eye cancer in his left eye and it was subsequently removed.

Best known for: Video recorded battle stopping a Santa Monica Promenade rampage by psychotic crime boss Breathtaker.

Known Affiliations: The Line

Place of birth: Albany, NY

Marital status: Divorced

Skills/abilities: The Messenger has limited control over the forces of magnetism, able to affect items no larger than a trash dumpster no farther than 20 feet away from his own body and evincing the ability to "hear" transmissions along traditional communications frequencies within a hundred yard radius. He likewise has limited telepathy, able to receive thoughts from as far away as 100 yards, transmit up to 20 yards and subtly influence thoughts up to 20 yards away if it doesn't involve deeply held convictions. He has a specially designed uniform with leather covering metallic plates, plus metal inside the soles of his boots, which enhances his durability and allows him a means of levitation and flight. He's a gifted magician in terms of simple illusions, card tricks and sleight of hand.

Brief personal history: From one perspective, Nate Newhaus had it all. Freelance special effects artist, only child from a prosperous family, he drives around town in a convertible sportscar and goes out most nights of the week, a white identified entertainment professional in a town that caters to white identified entertainment professionals.

From his perspective, things weren't so rosy, and despite his relative comfort, he'd lived a life of constant struggle. Against the abandonment of his alcoholic father. Against the indifference of his socialite mother. Against the pain of eye cancer, which left him with one good eye. Against being the weird kid with the comic books and magic tricks, against being the outsider, and finally against a money-hungry and emotionally abusive wife. After a messy divorce, he finally felt like things could be normal for him ... and that's when his powers emerged. A natural altruist despite having no real spiritual life, he couldn't think of any other option than to don a costume and fight for justice, as all the heroes who'd gotten him through his hard times had done.

He briefly used the name "Supernatural" after his favorite TV show and as a play on his first name, but after a pointed cease-and-desist letter and the unexpected death of his father, he adopted more of a concept from the Hebrew religion of his childhood.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan