Characters: The Hierarchy: Companion class mecha

Height: ~50 feet
Weight: 90,000 pounds
Power source: Two Tupolev Tu-119 nuclear reactors
Crew compliment: 1
Strength: Class 125 strength (capable of lifting 125 tons)
Speed: 90 miles per hour (air) 60 miles per hour (ground)
Range: 50 miles (air) 200 miles (ground)
Armaments: Three experimental acid missiles that cause a chain reaction, stripping electrons from any matter they encounter for twenty seconds at a range of five feet, two concussion beam weapons (one on each shoulder) that are capable of firing a sustained beam of force for sixty seconds with a variable range up to 2,000 pounds per square inch, one area sonic cannon which creates a low frequency beam of sound that smashes into anything around the Companion with a force of 500 pounds per square inch at a range of 20 yards. Companion class mecha also utilize a pinpoint energy barrier powered by an onboard reactive AI which can track and deflect up to 25 attacks at a time using discs of translucent energy six feet in diameter.

Companion class mecha are considered the "average" battle unit of the hierarchy. Here, an Obsidian Dawn "Emcee" unit is seen with signal-absorbing paint, used to sow confusion amongst enemy units by jamming communications. They are often deployed in quartet or quintet squads, deployed to support the less technologically advanced Adherent class.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan