Characters: The Hierarchy: Propagandist class mecha

Height: ~30 feet
Weight: 60,000 pounds
Power source: One experimental Mathis-Matics cold fusion engine
Crew compliment: 1
Strength: Class 150 strength (capable of lifting 150 tons)
Speed: 150 miles per hour (air) 90 miles per hour (ground)
Range: 150 miles (air) 500 miles (ground)
Armaments: Two arm-mounted railguns, firing metal projectiles at a hypersonic velocities. Two arm mounted compressed air cannons capable of firing six times per minute with a concussive force of 3,500 pounds per square inch. Two chest mounted incendiary cannons, firing flammable and explosive grenades up to 150 yards. Eighteen missiles with varying effects and abilities including: heat seekers, concussive force, adhesive, nano disruptor (exploding and covering enemy forces with millions of microscopic machines that break down the substance of matter), EMP (to shut down electronics) and cryogenic (coat targets with a fast-acting compound that slows down electrons).

Used only by higher ranking members of the Hierarchy, seeing a Propagandist class mecha is normally a sign for concern, as their targets are normally high value and their methods and speed are enormously difficult to match. With the equivalent armor strength of three Abrams battle tanks, these agile mecha can give and take a punch.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan