About: James C. Washington the Third

James C. Washington the Third is a visual artist born and bred in Chicago, Illinois. He met his future studio mate Quinn McGowan online, wanting to do a fan art piece for McGowan's character Project: Torrent. When McGowan saw the piece, which became the cover for the web comic Enter Project: Torrent, Washington's talents became crystal clear.

Washington began his love affair with ilustration as a child, scribbling as many do on every spare piece of paper he got his hands on. Following the work of Andrew Wildman, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Bart Sears and Todd McFarlane, Washington spent years reverse engineering the visual skills and methods of the greats. He began doing pencil artwork seriously in high school and came into inking as an adult.

Excited about his first chance to do work with professionals, Washington brings sharp, clean lines and a determined work ethic to the team.

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