Characters: Villains

The true effectiveness of a hero is often defined by the forces aligned against them. The stronger an opponent, the greater the hero must be to overcome the challenge. The question becomes, who are the entities and personalities who would tear down the skies and burn the world in pursuit of their goals?

Five words answer that question: bring on the bad guys!

Breathtaker Ruckus & Scrum Discordia
Calamity The Corroded King Ginger
The Hierarchy Trouble Man Hassan-i Sabbah
The Maltok Alice Royce
Torrent Dr. Everett Langston Wheeler Schroedinger's Hepcat
Crater Legacy Brother None
Kaolin Claymore Umbra
The Hand-Me-Down Society General Widowmaker Simone Frost
Riverside Drive The Kaiju Queen Anansi
  The Affliction