Characters: Project Wildfire

Characters: The Corroded King

Name: Lucas Vassar

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 155 pounds

Hair: Black (close cropped but unkempt afro)

Ethnicity: African (American citizen of African descent)

Place of birth: Southaven, MS

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Tammy Vassar (mother), Hazel Vassar (maternal grandmother, deceased)

Education: One year of vocational school as a nurse's assistant (did not complete the program)

Aliases/nicknames: Pluggasnot, "Mucus Passer," The Corroded King

Best known for: Nothing

Distinguishing characteristics: A circular inch-wide patch of skin on the upper right side of his head where hair will not grow after a childhood mishap, horrible fashion sense, slumping

Skills/abilities: As Lucas, none. As the Corroded King, Lucas' body continually converts nitrogen in the atmosphere into a foul-smelling, fast drying viscous extradimensional material which hardens into a kind of armor around him. He also can fire a heated stream of this material from his mouth. His size is increased to a height of 25 feet and he gains enough strength to press 25 tons.

First appearance: Project Wildfire: The Once and Future King

Brief personal history: Part time hospice worker Lucas Vassar has been the butt of the joke his entire life. Too short, too poor, too dirty, he's never been enough for anyone in his age group. His only friend, a girl named Sonya Stewart, as impoverished as he was who knew he was gay, went as his prom date and never betrayed him, died due to a stray bullet two days before he began to change. After the day he met Agent Wildfire, nobody was laughing at him anymore.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan