Characters: Django

Real Name: Django Guevarra Omokunrin ti Oyo

Occupation: Adventurer, celebrity heart throb

Identity: Known to the public

Legal Status: Citizen of Mexico with no criminal record

Place of Birth: Aztlan

Known Relatives: Mariella Guevarra (mother); Shango (father); Quetzalcoatl (grandfather)

Group Affiliation: T.A.S.K.

Powers and abilities: Django possesses superhuman strength allowing him to lift up to 60 tons. He is able to manipulate ambient electromagnetism and project it as electrical blasts and summon lightning. He also possesses the ability to teleport from one place to another via summoned lightning.

Brief personal history: Thousands of years ago, as the Kao War was ending, the "gods" decided that in light of their dwindling numbers it would be best that they revisit the ancient custom of mating between pantheons/Houses. The strongest and most powerful (and often most politically savvy) would conceive a new generation of "godlings" and it was believed that the children in turn would grow to foster stronger ties between their parents' respective pantheons.

It was with this in mind that Shango, Yoruba god of thunder and lightning was invited to Aztlan, home of the House of Teotihuacan (the Aztec gods). The Houses of Oludumare and Teotihuacan desired that Shango conceive a child with Quetzalpetlal, the daughter of Quetzalcoatl. Instead Shango met and fell in love with Mariella Guevarra, a servant girl in the House of Teotihuacan who was one of Quetzalcoatl's granddaughters from one of his many dalliances with mortal women. Their son Django was born in 1964.

Django was raised as an outcast within the House of Teotihuacan and was doubly unwelcome to the Yoruba, who decided that his very existence was proof of Shango's dishonorable actions and forbade the errant god from being part of his son's life. Quetzalcoatl however took a liking to young Django and would often visit him in the streets near the meager quarters the boy shared with his mother, disguised as a drink-addled former Aztec warrior who had been raised up by the gods. The disguised Quetzalcoatl would regale young Django with tales of his father's adventures, tales would alternately thrill and upset the boy who couldn't understand how such a hero could abandon his beloved and his son. Tales that would be the cause of many a fistfight between Django and his mocking peers. The old god would also come to share one of the boy's favorite pastimes; sneaking out to attend Lucha Libre (wrestling) matches and would secretly let Shango see his growing son from afar so as not to incur the wrath of the Yoruba.

When Django's abilities manifested (as powerfully and as spectacularly as they did) the other members of the House of Teotihuacan had no choice but to accept him as one of them. The boy was stronger than many full blooded gods, commanded his father's power and looked human but aged as slowly as a god did. Quetzacoatl revealed himself to the 15 year old demigod and raised the boy up to the rank of personal attendee. As the sky god's attendee, Django quickly learned that many sought to use him as a whispering voice to the ears of the old god and the handsome godling soon found himself the center of much female attention. Tales of Django's conquests became nothing short of legend and Quetzacoatl watched as the boy played the part of the Casanova, knowing all the while it was a mask.

In truth, the only legend Django cared for or attention he craved was that of his father.

In accordance with an ancient pact, the House of Olodumare and the House of Teotihuacan agreed to each send a representative to be trained and perform the duties of a member of T.A.S.K. Many found it strange that both Houses chose Django to be that representative. Django "the lover," Django outcast child, Django the son of Shango, was going out into the world of men to prove that he too was worthy of great tales ... but did he know who he was?

Written by Damion Gonzales
Character design by Sean Isaakse