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Every good story is defined by its characters. Heroes and villains and everyone in between, whose feet trod the byways of the Nation? Get ready to see more more as we approach the release of the book.

jaith kuduri character mugshot

Jaith Kuduri

Battle Mage

  sir kyle hunter

Sir Kyle F'yrae Hunter

Eldritch Knight

yrla hagrand character mugshot

Yrla Hagrand

Wizard, Alabaster Assembly

  xoruk cole character mugshot

Xoruk Cole

Bard/Fighter, A.I.D.

mario sanchez character mugshot

Mario "Blur" Sanchez

Fighter, A.I.D.

  lonshae veldrac character mugshot

Lady Lonshae Veldrac

Sorcerer of the Dragon Court

vijay akhter character mugshot

Vijay "Stabby" Akhter


  zyca character mugshot



  khenath character mugshot


Fiendish Slasher


Created by Hannibal Tabu in conjunction with Damion Poitier and Unlikely Heroes Studios.

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