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This page is intended to be an information clearinghouse for all the things you could ever want to know about Hannibal Tabu, but haven't asked. If you think something is missing from this page, please speak up.


  • Why "The Operative Network?"
    That's a funny story, which I'm more than happy to tell you.
  • How can I find my way around this huge site?
    Try the site map.
  • How can I reach Hannibal?
    You can send me a note through the "contact" page.
  • What kind of experience does Hannibal have?
    Take a look at my résumé. As a digital messenger, I've worked in web production, marketing and content creation/management.
  • What is Hannibal doing these days?
    Easy enough to find out if you check out the "deployment" page.
  • How can I see the design work Hannibal has done?
    You should definitely check out my design portfolio.
  • How can I see what kind of writing Hannibal has done?
    You'll want to see the writing archive for professional work (mostly, save the blogging) or the creative section for writing for art's sake -- trying to keep it all organized, in theory.
  • Does The Operative Network do design work for hire, and for how much?
    Well ... let's talk about that over here.
  • Didn't Hannibal used to write an urban music column in Rap Pages?
    Damage Control? Yes, and it's all still available in the writing archive.
  • Didn't Hannibal used to write a Macintosh column?
    Ah, "The Operative" at Mac Mania. That was ill conceived. I found all those old columns after the redesign started, they'll end up here sooner or later. Or not.
  • Didn't Hannibal used to run a web magazine?
    Also called Damage Control (strangely enough), yes, and all saved for the ages in the columns section of the writing archive.
  • Is there a mobile version of this website?
    Heck yeah! The Mobile Edition has mobile-exclusive content in the "Greatest Hits" section under "blog," as well as tons of fiction, poetry, another copy of Hannibal's resume and more.


  • Exactly who is this Hannibal Tabu person?
    I'll answer all that here.
  • Hannibal ... didn't he go by another name once? What's up with that?
    Click for the definitive answer.
  • Didn't Hannibal used to write an angry Black column?
    No, but I can see how some might think that. More on that here.
  • I heard that Hannibal still tends to rant incoherently, is that on this site?
    Oh heck yeah, that's what the Soapbox is all about.
  • What happened to all the columns by other people from Damage Control, like Daniel Ruiz and Adisa Banjoko?
    To be honest, I got bored half way through translating them into the new format, and stopped. I still have all that content, I'm just too indifferent to bring it over. If you remember something specific you want, ask me and I'll try to post it for you, if I'm not too busy.
  • Wasn't Hannibal married?
    I'm married right now -- to the most awesome woman in the whole world! Together we have two wonderful children and bask in the envy of most who see us. It rocks.

    I had a disastrous previous marriage/relationship that spanned from 1999 to May of 2003. In the words of Left Ear, "I had ... a bad ... experience," which I then chronicled in excruciating detail with a series of essays called Dancing In The Dark (which is equally intended to mirror Kashif as it is Bruce Springsteen -- go figger).
  • Seriously, is Hannibal as big a jackass as people say?
    Only when I need to be.

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