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"dancing in the dark"

a limited series of essays about life after divorce

My married life was a dizzying existence of amazing joy and horrible anguish, sometimes in the space of the same day.

While I was married, I loved Yuri Hinson more than anything, more than myself. That was probably not a great idea.

In any case, that life is over, it has been utterly and irrevocably destroyed and (as of this writing, October 2003), I am still building a new life outside of the glowing, smoking blast zone of that devastation. A large part of my recovery involves writing, as writing has almost always been a central part of my life.

Here you'll find these essays, a loopy kind of chronicle of life after divorce. It's been really helpful for me to be able to write this stuff down, so maybe you'll get something out of it as well ...

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