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list   1.  Blog
 Futurism, poetry, micro-fiction, reviews, and cussin' fools out with mobile-exclusive blogs (which holds the #musicmonday download blogs), a robust linkroll and tweets aplenty.
list   2.  About me
 Who the hell does Hannibal Tabu think he is, anyway?
list   3.  Fiction
 Find selections from The Crown: Ascension (Hannibal's debut novel), Faraway (the sequel), short stories, microfiction and more.
list   4.  Poetry
 Selections of Hannibal Tabu's work evidencing Ntozake Shange's thought, "All poetry is love poetry"
list   5.  Expertise
 "Don't believe me? Then go check the resume ..."
list   6.  Clients
 Here you can see some of the corporations and entities who've relied on Hannibal's design skills
list   7.  Contact me
Can you hear me now?

Hannibal Tabu
The Operative Network was designed, coded, crafted and freaked exclusively by Hannibal Tabu.

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