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411: so, what is it you're doing again?
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"What's Hannibal doing right now (as of December 8, 2009)?" Happy to tell you:


  • BusinessNet and StudentNet for Kaiser Permanente
    Every weekday, I'm working hard presenting the properties of Kaiser Permanente. Just so you know, opinions and what not stated on this URL (and my public feeds like this one) are exclusively my own and neither endorsed nor approved by Kaiser Permanente. There, that should keep me from getting my idiot self fired ...
  • The Buy Pile at Comic Book Resources
    Once a week, extraordinary surprises or Diamond monopolistic wackiness notwithstanding, I present my opinions on a lot of comic books that came out that week. You see (and many people are surprised by this), pretty much every week of the year a new batch of hundreds of comics (well known properties like Spider-Man and Batman as well as lesser-knowns like Invincible or The Authority) are sold in less than 3000 physical outlets around the US. I review a lot of them. Which is fun.


  • The Soapbox
    My personal clocktower, where I do weekly comic book reviews, rant about my life and so on.
  • The Crown: Ascension
    My debut novel, available on Amazon.com, is a simple story: boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, girl turns out to be 8,500 years old ... much hilarity ensues. The first book in a series, originally published as a "serial novel" online and the first novel set in a fictional universe of my own creation.
  • Faraway
    My second "serial" novel (strangely enough, started before The Crown: Ascension) The premise? "The biggest problem with building the world's smartest prison is an inmate whose life's mission has been to get inside." Also set in the same fictional universe as The Crown: Ascension.

These are all, of course, in addition to being a full-time brother, husband, father, uncle and son ... and part-time poet, designer, novelist, columnist, journalist, iconoclast, general rabble-rouser, and the world's most dangerous karaoke singer. Deployment is subject to change without notice.

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