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The Creative Works of Hannibal Tabu

I've had an interesting career as a professional journalist (see for yourself), but I always end up returning to creative writing. I majored in Creative Writing at that den of sin an iniquity called USC, and I've been doing forms of creative writing most of my life. At age eight, I wrote a "novel" (I use the word loosely) of more than 200 college ruled notebook paper sheets, a tale of gods and petty struggles, one so terrible I loathe to mention it. At ten I started trying to make my own comic books (none of which I finished, it's worth noting), which are so badly drawn that they may actually cause retinal damage.

I have spent many years studing the craft of poetry, which was always able to fit into my hectic life. I've been published in a number of poetry journals and read at a number of Los Angeles venues, centering in Leimert Park's World Stage Anansi Writers' Workshop. Fiction is something I love reading and writing, but its intensive nature and the need to follow a set of characters through a really determined bit of creativity has often stymied me, working ten hour days and busy trying to found a household.

These days, I am chasing the elusive grail of being a professional comic book writer. Collaborative arts are difficult for me, as I'm an anti-social bastard and I have a superiority complex that borders on megalomania. Nevertheless, I'm giving it the old college try. Or something.

In this section, you'll find all the creative works I'm willing to show the world. A lot of my creative works are either ideas I figure somebody can make money off of (and if so, it should be me) or in various stages of development and therefore not ready for prime time or public consumption. As always, I welcome comment on my work, and appreciate your interest in the work thus far.

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