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here's a little story I'd like to tell

  • The Crown -- a long-form story of love and power
  • Faraway -- a long-form story about remembering the face of one's father
  • Chores -- extremely short fiction in the kitchen
  • Again -- extremely short fiction on the playground
  • Paperwork -- extremely short fiction about a bad day at the office ... and everywhere else
  • Proud Military Wife -- a short story about living the life you chose
  • BIGGER -- a failed comic book miniseries
  • Solitary -- a short story about making a hard realization
  • Into Temptation -- a short story about office romance and consequences
  • Starfight -- a short story about looking up and seeing something you can't explain
  • Urban Iris: Uneven -- dialogue for an original short film by Freestyle Megazine's R/Kain Blaze

I wrote my first real work of fiction at age 8. It was a novel, more than 200 handwritten pages, about a truly capricious group of gods (much like CrossGen's The First, in retrospect) doing some pretty pointless things. It's really impressively awful. I've got it stashed away somewhere at the house, unable to throw it away.

At USC I started to take short fiction more seriously. I was, alas, shunted off the fiction track of my creative writing major for somewhat personal reasons, and into the poetry track, but I think it's made me a much stronger writer in terms of detail and nuance. I was always very strong on plot and how the sequence of things should go, but the more subtle things evaded me until I took up poetry.

In this section you will find works covered under the Creative Commons Deed -- meaning that all files and content within this virtual directory are covered by those standards. The Crown and Faraway are covered by US copyright law as well (and yes, it took me forever to do that, oh well).

Nevertheless, please enjoy what you find here, and let me know if you have questions, comments, concerns, or what have you.

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