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Characters: The Smoking Mirror

One of multiple individuals using the name, for more information check out the disambiguation.

Name: Simon Echeverri

Height: 5'11

Weight: 170 pounds

Hair: Black

Known relatives: Erwin Echeverri (father, deceased), Norma Echeverri (mother), Paul Echeverri (cousin, younger), Ron Echeverri (cousin, older)

Education: Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Miami

Aliases/nicknames: Snake Doctor, The Midgaard Serpent

Distinguishing characteristics: Bad singing voice, constantly buying Florida water wherever he can. He loves the show How I Met Your Mother, can't stand the sight of needles and is wholly tone deaf.

Skills/abilities: The transdimensional goop from the Corroded King opened the Smoking Mirror to a host of ancestral abilities he'd previously been unaware of and unable to access. First of all, it gave him extrahuman durability and super strength. The Smoking Mirror has the ability to view and travel to other dimensions, parallel and not-so-parallel, and can use any reading implement (a book, a digital tablet, a newspaper, etc.) to determine information about other realities and whichever one he's in. He's also imbued with a host of magical abilities, from the Coils of Kukulkan, (binding spell) to Illapa's Hammer (sonic boom/electrical attack) to Mama Pacha's Mountain (seismic attack) to The Shield of Urcaguary (reassembling metallic protective fields) to the Balm of Cit-Bolon-Tum (magical healing) to the Winds of Tepeu (flight, levitating people and objects, wind blasts) to the Cloak of Konira Wirakocha (illusions). He can also visit any parallel Smoking Mirror at any point in their history, but never himself, and he often finds evidence of other Smoking Mirrors who have visited him, including a rogue doppleganger who will (after the events of his one shot) lead him to spend twelve years in a dystopian futurescape learning how to survive. At certain times, his powers will refuse to take him to parallel dimensions due to the destiny of the universe in question needing to happen one specific way, and he is forbidden to interfere, never knowing why.

Best known for: Multiversal involvement, one of his versions sacrificing himself to become the Midgaard Serpent and destroy the Rainbow Bridge and much of the Aesir of Asgard, proudly known as Latin America's greatest hero.

Place of birth: Orlando, FL

Marital status: Single

Known Affiliations: Monsterwatch (deputized)

Ethnicity: Latino (Ecuadorian descent, US born)

Brief personal history: Little is known about the early life of the pandimensional combat shaman and superhero The Smoking Mirror before he was splattered with interedimensional slime from the inception of the Corroded King in 1991. It's known he enjoyed the food mote pillo on Saturdays as a child and has two cousins who he finds amusing and exasperating.

Simon Echeverri was an out of work technical writer who had moved to Shelby City to work for an ambitious software start up that laid him off when it was purchased by Micro$haft. Walking to a job interview with a local law firm, he fell into a transdimensional hole created by the Corroded King, was smeared by interdimensional goop and forever changed. Shortly after, he [REDACTED UNTIL WILDFIRE MEETS THE SMOKING MIRROR].

Created by Quinn McGowan and Hannibal Tabu