Characters: Dr. James Hart

Name: Dr. James Oscar Hart

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 171 lbs

Hair: Black

Ethnicity: Caucasian (Dutch/English decent)

Place of birth: Jackson, Mississippi

Marital status: Married (Darling Sutton)

Known relatives: Alvin Hart (son), Samantha Hart (daughter), Havana Sutton (step daughter)

Education: Ph.D in physics

Aliases/nicknames: none

Best known for: work on moving string theory landscape and their potential modes of travel

Known affiliations: MONSTERWATCH and the Hart–Alamut Research Institute for interdimensional physics

Skills and abilities: Hart displays the strength and agility of a man his age who engages in light regular exercise. His IQ is in the genius range.

Brief personal history: Hart was born in Jackson, Mississippi, the son of Nancy and Ron Hart, a mathematicianspecializing in operator algebras. He received his bachelor's degree in physics from Ole Miss University. He then went to Stanford and received a Ph.D. in physics in 1988 under Dr. Marko Jennings, one of the developers and leading researchers in moving string theory.

After completing his Ph.D., Hart was doing postdoctoral studies at the University of Chicago for one year, then moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee with Jennings and a staff (including Dr. Wheeler) to help start the First Alamut Research Institute. He was promoted to assistant professor, but spent his first year visiting the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He became an associate professor at SIT (Shelby Institute of Technology), and left for a year in to take up a permanent position at the Shelby State. He then returned to Oak Ridge and became the director of the new ARI.

Hart is best known for the development of [REDACTED], for his work on [REDACTED] in string theory, and for the development of the statistical approach to moving string phenomenology. He was on the team (led by His mentor Dr. M. Jennings, later went missing on an expedition) that built the MAL-Core, a special-purpose computer for transferring living matter with celestial mechanics, and maintains an active interest in Moving string theory. He is also very active in organizing research expeditions and workshops, which led to the Alamut Science Honors.

Hart received the International Physics Prize in theoretical physics, holds a Honorary M. Jennings professorship at Shelby Institute of Technology, and has been a Donald Summers Visiting Scholar at Stanford, and a Alamut Mathematics Institute Mathematical Emissary.

Character design and profile by Quinn McGowan