Characters: Faze

Name: Avery Camille Cunningham

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 175 pounds

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Cinnamon brown

Occupation: Medical doctor, amateur crimefighter

Ethnicity: Black (American citizen of African descent)

Place of birth: Shelby City

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Annie Cunningham (mother), David "Big Daddy" Cunningham (father), David Carter Cunningham 2 (brother), Brian Cameron Cunningham (brother)

Education: received an MD from Shelby State University School of medicine

Aliases/nickname: Faze, the lady vigilante, "Crook Stomper"

Best known for: bringing a criminal ring to justice before it in gulped her father's business, stopping a string of home invasions in lower Shelby City, calling Wildfire out on his inactivity in community justice

Known affiliations: Girls Grow; a local nonprofit for at risk girls

Skills/abilities: Due to a freak MRI incident during her residency, Faze developed the ability to consciously go in and out of phase with dimensions. This gives her both the ability to make all or parts of her body intangible at will and -- with great effort -- to push herself through dimensional walls to parallel worlds. She is able to focus on items within her visual range and put them in a quantum state of either being locked in place or intangible, which she often uses on weapons or fists. She is also trained in eastern medical arts including reflexology (which she later adapts into a personalized combat technique), yoga, reiki, and acupuncture, and has a third degree black belt in judo.

First appearance: Project Wildfire: Street Justice

Brief personal history: Avery was the first born child of David Cunningham Senior and Annie Cunningham, and there was no question in their household that she was her father's favorite. David Senior credited her birth with inspiring him to parlay a summer job cleaning up at landscaping sites into a multi-million dollar construction company. From the time she was thirteen, Avery was always around Cunningham Construction sites and offices. She worked in the bookkeeping department and caught an employee's embezzlement scheme, leading her to unofficially keep an eye on all of the books until she went away to college to become a doctor. An autodidact, Avery could always be seen with a book and spent most of her teens reading for taking classes (including judo, Eastern healing and yoga) at the local community school near her father's office. She was easily accepted to the medical school at Shelby State, where she met her best friend, Shilpashri (Shilpa) Kahri, a graduate student. The two were inseparable until a discovery in Shilpa's research led to her disappearance. Distraught, Avery received a package in the mail after more than a month containing a small device and a note from Shilpa, saying: "I am not safe. You must keep this safe for me. You are the only one I can trust." After [REDACTED], Avery found herself gifted with amazing powers and fended off [REDACTED]. She completed medical school and came home to find her father's business under siege by criminal elements in the city and was disappointed that most people in town were distracted by the brightly clad "hero" on their television screens while ignoring corruption in city government. Avery started digging and found herself dealing with much more than she expected.

Written by Hannibal Tabu, character design by Quinn McGowan