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August 2001

HTML design and production, image editing.

I was brought in on a contractor basis through T-Square, Etc. for a one day assignment with Direct Partners, a Marina Del Rey marketing firm. A design for Quicken.com email newsletters had been purchased from a designer, but all he sent in was a pair of Photoshop files. I was asked to create production graphics from the Photoshop files, save the new production files and code the HTML for the emails, using the simplest code possible as it would be going out to people at a variety of technical levels.

After considerable haggling with the original design, I was done in about six hours, and spent two hours testing the links and the code in a variety of email programs to ensure it would work. The project involved some fairly complicated tabling, and the gradient that was used in the original design was very resistant to optimization for load time, but in the end the client was extremely happy (both Direct Partners and Quicken).

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