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image magazine

cover story of steve harvey's first sitcomDATES:
May 1994-May 1996

Copy writing and editing, print layout and design, staffing, writing headlines

I started at Image magazine (at the time they insisted on keeping the "I" lowercase, which I have since decided to ignore as the rest of the world did) as a paid intern and editorial assistant for then head honcho Ed Corey. Ed was summarily dismissed about two months into my three-month term, I decided to get creative. I had about an hour before the publisher showed up, so I leapt into Quark and cobbled up a set of reasons why he should hire me as his new assistant editor. I didn't quite have the nerve to ask for Ed's job, but I figured I could shoehorn myself into something more long term.

I was right. I got the gig, also including complete control over the entertainment section of the magazine, and started helping Jeff Smaul, the art director, with layout (he was happy for the relief, as I recall). I really sharpened my Quark skills there, learning how to make images and text go together in ways I previously only admired from afar. It was a really great project that, like so many others, failed only because the people in charge believed in throwing money out the window in huge bucketsfull. C'est la vie.

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