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american honda

May 2001-December 2001

HTML design and production, graphics creation and editing, copy editing.

Subcontracting with San Pedro based D Zone Studio, I took over web production on Honda's intranet site for the Corporate Communications department, concentrating on two publications available for their staff worldwide, Momentum and RacingLine. The work involved taking the Quark layouts and tiff graphics sent from their print magazine and reorganizing them for online publication. During that time, my design abilities were called on to look at ways of redesigning the subnavigational elements (the red bars with words and logos) to reflect changes in corporate policy regarding capitalization. Likewise, before I got there, Honda had no clear system in place to archive past web publications -- once a new one was published, the prior one was very difficult to find. I organized and designed a one-page archival system for each publication that fit seamlessly into the existing information design. I'd love to still be working on this account -- fun, neat code and interesting high resolution photography -- but the firm I subcontracted with hit some creative and monetary issues with Honda outside the scope of my work, and the relationship dissolved.

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