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design portfolio
california association of realtors

July 1997-September 1998

HTML design and production, creating Powerpoint presentations, project management, graphics creation and editing, writing and editing marketing copy.

I was hired as an "internet content specialist," and worked as part of the Association's now-defunct for-profit subsidiary Real Estate Business Technologies. This work involved a lot of different things, including: creating localized Online Product Malls for local Associations of REALTORS (AORs) based on the designs of their websites (to make the framed interface appear like a part of their site with their branding), writing a technical manual for how AORs could interface with the California Living Network (the main website product that we handled), transferring that technical manual into a print format (using Quark XPress) and into HTML for web publication (using GoLive and BBEdit), hand-coding 12,000 individual web pages (when we redesigned the site, I made a bounce page for every single page of the old design, directing users to the appropriate section of the streamlined new design), coordinating all press and statistical information into an online media resource center, creating and editing PowerPoint presentations for marketing purposes and babysitting pet projects through to completion. It was a very interesting position that dissolved as the Association decided the spinoff wasn't making a sufficient profit.

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