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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Ballad of Casey Jones: Familiar Refrains

Another workday conversation to move through the day.

CJ: cheney is shug night in a white man's body

HT: ooh

CJ: can't u jus see that fool dangling somebody over a bannister?

HT: Not with his limp upper body strength. He's more like a modern capone, sneering and smirking at the camera

HT: untouchable

HT: and blood under his fingernails

CJ: not if the person was 5 years old

CJ: i can see that too

HT: dayum

HT: yeah, okay, I can see him Blanketing a kid for terror purposes


CJ: that's messed up

HT: still too soon?

CJ: not for me

HT: excellent

HT: Just took my drug test.

CJ: how exciting

HT: I don't remember, I was high.

CJ: did they give u a lollipop?

CJ: as you should be

HT: they didn't give me ... oh, wait, I got a receipt.

HT: Never got a receipt for bodily fluids before

CJ: it's their way

HT: as it should be

CJ: my best friend from jr high's last name was woodward

CJ: we called her woody.

HT: Uh ... okay.

CJ: now she married some dude named chris beaver!

HT: *Hannibal falls down laughing*

CJ: so woody found her beaver.

HT: Now *that's* funny!

CJ: jus sayin

HT: I could run so far with that joke.

CJ: how does that happen?

CJ: i'd refuse.

HT: I could literally have a week's worth of material from a set up like that.

HT: But I'm at work.

CJ: i'm here to help

HT: Despite all the evidence to the contrary

Watching (TV): Rescue Me, "Zippo"


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