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Monday, August 10, 2009

Tomorrow can be different

Okay, screw that MySpace noise.

After years of fighting the "pansy" way of blogging, I gave in when it became possible from my phone. On my server, with my rules, run by my evil.

Welcome to the new way of doing things. As of now, all Hannibal Tabu-related broadcasts will happen on official channels: The Hundred and Four for that which related to the external world, The Operative Network for things more personal.

Here? You're gonna get serial fiction (The Messenger, etc.). You'll get poetry. You'll get discussions of as much of my life as I'm willing to disclose. You may even get a recipe or two ...

... an EVIL recipe!

Content will continue to be syndicated via Facebook, MySpace and everywhere else. Thank you for riding with me, and buckle up. Safety first ...

Okay sleep soon.

Playing (Music): "All Around The World" by Oasis


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