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Live Music

I never really understood the idea of live music reviews. I mean, most of the time, the tour or singer or what have you left town very quickly after. There's no chance for a reader to go see what all the fuss was about.

Nevertheless, concert reviews were always a big favorite of readers and editors, so I dutifully did them. Most of the time they were pretty cool -- if you get backstage access and a good seat, it's a very enjoyable experience. If the publicist is sloppy and you get "normal people" tickets, that makes your job, as a reporter, a lot harder and nobody wants to let you get better photos or exclusive comments.

Anyway, as with many sections, these are all the live music reviews I could find, given the madness of my "filing systems" (a big pile of discs and magazines). Bygones, enjoy or let me know if you don't.

-- Hannibal Tabu, $d®/Parker Brothers

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