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Portrait of the Artist as a Literary Critic

Most of my book reviewing experience came thanks to Jay Babcock. Jay was a copy editor on Rap Pages when I worked there, but wielded a great deal more influence with Sci-Fi Universe another magazine then owned by Flynt Publications (and down the hall from my managing editor office at Rap Pages). Jay and I hit it off immediately, and share tons of common interests, even though we've discovered over time that we can get into an argument over email about almost anything.

In any case, Jay often had me help fill out the book review section of the magazine, which was a blast, as I am a huge book fan and an even bigger sci-fi fan. Two of my favorite reviews -- one for Sharon Shinn's Archangel and one for George Foy's Contraband -- I only remember in the vague way you remember hitting the perfect three point shot on the playgrounds of your youth. Still, I saved what I could, and one day hope to seek out copies of the mag and transcribe the rest.

As for Sci-Fi Universe, the burgeoning Sci-Fi Channel bought it from Flynt and everyone was fired. Good times.

-- Hannibal Tabu, $d®/Parker Brothers

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