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#musicmonday: “… told you your dreams would come true …”

Posted in awesomeness on April 4th, 2011 by Hannibal Tabu
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Every week, I post a lot of links to free music you can download. Why? Why the hell not? I’m not hosting the links, I didn’t upload ‘em, I have no legal liability and I’m helping promote the artists. Essentially, I’m a g******ed hero! Enjoy!

Sometimes I rant about musical stuff — that goes at the end. The music is divided into three categories …


  • Lots of great songs on R&B April Hits including another club banger from Pitbull, Chris Brown and Busta’s hot joint, that cut from Jennifer Lopez that I linked last week, even some stuff from Sade and Marsha Ambrosius … great stuff.
  • Speaking of great compilations, go on and download the Billboard Hot 40 including that Katy Perry song with Kanye, Nicki Minaj’s heater that’s rocking the charts with Drake, Dr. Dre, Adele, Lupe Fiasco, Bruno Mars and so on.


  • Common. Kanye West. “Follow Me” — just download it.
  • Janelle Monae. A whole set live from SXSW. Stop playing.
  • Fans of the Duck Down Brooklyn sound will appreciate this almost unlabeled 1992 mixtape from Black Moon’s Buckwild.
  • You might have heard that Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim have a war of whorishness, er, words going on. Anyway, here’s the latest salvo from the Harajaku Barbie (what does that mean) called “Real Pimpin’” (and not “Tragedy” as some outlets reported).
  • “How The Gods Chill” remix by Sean Price, featuring Meyhem Lauren and Roc Marciano. Honestly, I just liked the name.
  • I liked this one big single from Hollywood Undead, so their new album American Tragedy is surely worth a listen.
  • Oh, mash ups. I love ‘em. Here’s a double pack from a DJ called Faroff which puts Cee-Lo Green and the Temptations together with “Mashed Girl” and Lady Gaga vs. the Raspoutine Smoked Band called “Lady Gagarin” … okay, no idea what the last one was. Anyhoo, there’s also Mash Up Your Bootz Vol. 46 — a whole album full of mash ups.
  • Here’s a lot of instrumentals from DJ Don Cannon.
  • Xaphoon Jones is one half of the group Chiddy Bang and Mixtape Vol. 2 is his new solo project.
  • Miguel rocked “All I Want Is You” so I’m surely checking for “You Know”
  • New Lady Gaga? “Judas” — don’t play like you don’t want it.
  • “Pieces of Me” is a new song from Ledisi. I know, no download, I’m sorry.
  • 9th Wonder has produced “My Life” by Von Pea of Tanya Morgan.
  • “Tha Bizness” is a new song from Tha Bizness featuring Clinton Sparks.
  • “Flying High” is the new song form Honors English featuring TL Cross and Lupe Fiasco, a horn-heavy track produced by Needlz.
  • Did you check that Tron: Legacy soundtrack? You may have liked “The Game Has Changed” from Pharrell.
  • John Legend has been doing some interesting covers, and here’s “Rolling In The Deep,” a remix of an Edwin van Cleef cut.
  • Clay Hillman produced the highly recommended “Malcolm X” by Rickie Jacobs featuring Artic.
  • Dirty Vegas? They’re not just for Mitsubishi commercials any more with the “Changes” In Flagranti remix.
  • “You Are A Tourist” is a new song from Death Cab from Cutie.
  • Simple Plan has dropped “Can’t Keep My Hands Off You” from their upcoming new album.
  • I liked the Mixmasters Inc. mixtape with “Empire State of Mind” and “Forever” acoustic versions, so Love & Stadiums from Krucial Noise (that sounds familiar) is something I wanna hear.
  • How the hell did Donald Glover drop another mixtape already? I Do Not Talk is fresh from Childish Gambino.
  • Pitbull! “Nasty Girl” is another one for the dance floor alongside Wynter Gordon.
  • “Still On The Hustle” by Neek the Exotic and Large Professor … in hip hop, dude, you had me at Large Professor!
  • That J-Lo reign just won’t let up! “I’m Into You” has the dancing queen alongside Lil Wayne.
  • “Who Are You Now” teams up Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B … apparently Cee-Lo or Janelle Monae were slated to join up, but that didn’t work out.
  • More from Brooklyn’s Boot Camp? Monsta Mondays from Rock has him dropping “Multiply” alongside General Steele, Top Dog, Louisville Sluggah and Doc Holiday.
  • You should hurry up if you wanna download “War of the Roses” by Blaqstarr (not Black Star) featuring Talib Kweli.


I just like this image

I just like this image

Will that hold you? Cool, see you next week.

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