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#musicmonday: No regrets, just love

Posted in 104, awesomeness, blame society, celebrities, entertainment, music, musicmonday on April 18th, 2011 by Hannibal Tabu
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Every week, I post a lot of links to free music you can download. Why? Why the hell not? I’m not hosting the links, I didn’t upload ‘em, I have no legal liability and I’m helping promote the artists. Essentially, I’m a g******ed hero! Enjoy!

Sometimes I rant about musical stuff — that goes at the end. The music is divided into three categories …

HOLD UP: Four quick notes before we start …

On May 2nd, 2011, this column (which is what we’ll be calling it from now on) will be moving to Komplicated.com. That’s what this was always intended for, and now that the feline has escaped the luggage, there’s no need to keep goofing around. That means if you’ve been doing this on Facebook, please click “like” on the Facebook page and you’ll be tagged. Somehow. Oh, I just realized how, never mind.

Second, the format of this column is changing. This was considered but is moving up in the queue because Sunday night had a hugely important consideration — a candle lit dinner conversation over salmon with my wife. Everything else had to fall by the wayside when she broke out her romantic steez. Sorry.

Third, we normally focus on downloads here, but Prince is playing 21 nights in Los Angeles (this columnist will be there April 22nd) and he’s doing some crazy stuff. How crazy? How about covering “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson, while Eva Longoria dances on stage? Hell yeah!

Finally, look for a #musicmonday extra late tonight with videos from Coachella. Just gotta sort through ‘em a bit, and didn’t wanna stand in the way of the downloads.

Column starts … now!


  • The Warblers Soundtrack from Glee [LINK]
  • The Tens: 10 Non Hip-Hop Acts To Watch in 2011 [LINK]


Jill Scott & Anthony Hamilton, 'So In Love'

Jill Scott & Anthony Hamilton, 'So In Love'

  • Jill Scott Feat. Anthony Hamilton, “So In Love” [LINK]
  • “F*** The Radio” by The Starting Five [LINK]
  • Sir Michael Rocks (of The Cool Kids), “Phone Numbers” [LINK]
  • The Book of David, DJ Quik [LINK]
  • Don’t Look Down mixtape, Green Street [LINK]
  • Brainstorm, The Celestine Prophecy [LINK]
  • Bootsy Collins, “Hip-Hop @ Funk U” f. Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg & Chuck D [LINK]
  • “Papi” by Jennifer Lopez [LINK]
  • Jennifer Lopez, “One Step At A Time” [LINK]
  • Mya, K.I.S.S. [LINK]
  • Zero Heroes mixtape from XV [LINK]
  • DJ House Shoes presents Malkovich as Ayatollah Presley [LINK]
  • Coachella 2011 mixtape from The Kickdrums [LINK]
  • Pac Div Ft. Maino & Lloyd Banks, “Anti-Freeze” (Remix) [LINK]
  • Curren$y ft. Freddie Gibbs, “Scottie Pippen” (Prod. by Alchemist) [LINK]
  • Rihanna feat. Britney Spears, “S&M” (Remix) [LINK]
  • Glee “A Night of Neglect” webrip songs [LINK]
  • DJ Whiteowl Whiteowl Drop That R&B 75 [LINK]
  • “Life 3x” mash up by Chambaland (Billy Joel vs. Chris Brown) [LINK]
  • Far East Movement ft Bruno Mars, “Rocketeer” [LINK]
  • Shabazz Palaces Black Up [LINK]
  • Santigold “Go” f. Karen O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) (prod. Q-Tip, Switch & Santigold) [LINK]
  • Tyler Ward, “The Rescue” [LINK]
  • Raven Sorvino (of Language Artz), “Are You That?” [LINK]
  • Two Old Skool Queen Tracks [LINK]
  • The Lonely Island, “We’re Back” [LINK]
  • Taio Cruz, “Believe In Me Now” [LINK]
  • Rock City, “Freak Her To Keep Her” [LINK]
  • DJ Schmolli, “In The Mood For Some Killing” (mash up of Glenn Miller & His Orchestra vs. Rage Against The Machine) [LINK]
  • “All About Me” by K. Michelle [LINK]
  • Raheem DeVaughn, Heemy Taught Me [LINK]
  • Kool Keith, “Betrayal” [LINK]
  • [LINK]
  • 80 Blocks from Tiffany’s ft. Planet Asia, “On Ice” (Remix) [LINK]
  • Donnis, Southern Lights (Mixtape) [LINK]
  • Aleon Craft, Mothership Decatur (Mixtape) [LINK]
  • Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Golden Era [LINK]


Aubrey O'Day, 'Automatic'

Aubrey O'Day, 'Automatic'

  • Aubrey O’Day, “Automatic” [LINK]
  • Quick & Lil Boosie, Hit After Hit Vol. 3 [LINK]
  • “She Can Get It” by Chris Brown [LINK]
  • “Turned Up” by Da Brat [LINK]
  • Serius Jones ft. Daria Jones, “Stairway to Heaven” [LINK]
  • Spider Loc & SKG, Filthy Clean (Hosted By DJ Lazy K) [LINK]
  • DJ Kayslay ft. Fred The Godson, Mysonne & Hell Rell, “Light Em Up” [LINK]
  • Mobb Deep, The Most Infamous Part 2 [LINK]
  • American Idol Top 8 studio recordings [LINK]
  • Mr. Undisputed mixtape from Don Cannon [LINK]
  • Shyne “Trunk Full” feat. Gucci Mane [LINK]
  • Greyson Chance, “Light Up the Dark” [LINK]
  • Scream 4 Official Movie Soundtrack [LINK]
  • Jon McLaughlin, “What I Want” [LINK]
  • Boss Bitch Music by Rasheeda [LINK]
  • Mp3-pack: Maserati, AgesandAges, the Lonely Forest [LINK]
  • Asher Roth, “Gazpacho” [LINK]
  • JoJo Pellegrino, “Make It Fast” [LINK]
  • Daz Dillinger, D.A.Z.[LINK]
  • Timbaland, Timbaland Thursdays [LINK]
  • T-TiMe – Heute ist morgen schon gestern (German rap mixtape) [LINK]
  • Snoop Dogg, “Your Sexy Sex” (Feat. will.i.am) [LINK]
  • Pitbull, “Shake Señorita” (Feat. T-Pain) [LINK]
  • Jim Jones ft. Waka Flocka, Lloyd & Chink Santan, “The Paper” (Remix) [LINK]
  • Camron And Vado, Gunz N Butta [LINK]
  • Brad Paisley ft Alabama, “Old Alabama” (country) [LINK]
  • Young Jeezy ft. Lil Wayne, “Ballin’” [LINK]
  • D12, “Fame” feat. Eminem [LINK]
  • Jessie J, “Fastlane” [LINK]
  • Tyga, Black Thoughts Vol. 2 [LINK]
  • Beastie Boys, “Tadlock’s Glasses” [LINK]
  • 8ball & MJG, We Are The South [LINK]

This is getting too big for a weekly column. Maybe I’ll reformat as daily drops on Komplicated. Thoughts?

Don’t forget that late additions and exclusive extras end up on the mobile version of this blog.

Playing (Music): “Walk In My Shoes” by Emily King feat. Lupe Fiasco

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