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Politics: Evil To Him Who Evil Does

Posted in 104, bad ideas, blame society, entertainment, family, freedom, politics, randomness, warfare on December 5th, 2012 by Hannibal Tabu
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Re: Homeland Season 2, Episode 10.

Huge, huge SPOILER ALERT, and I’m sorry if you haven’t seen it.

In all seriousness, if you haven’t seen the show and want to, you should stop here. I’ll give you some space before I continue …


Yes, I understand the irony of the above image, that’s why I chose it.

Anyway, notorious international “terrorist” Abu Nazir has taken the CIA’s craziest analyst, Carrie Mathison, captive for reasons that are not really important for what we’re discussing here. He asked her if she carries the same dedication he and his followers do. That discussion, as quoted, follows:

CARRIE: “Whatever it takes.”

NAZIR: “Really? With your pension plans & organic foods? Your beach houses & sports clubs? Do you have the perseverance, the tenacity, the faith? Because we do. You can bomb us, starve us, occupy our holy places, but we will never lose our faith. We carry god in our hearts, our souls. To die is to join him. It may take a century. Two centuries, three centuries … but we will exterminate you.”

CARRIE: “Like I said. You’re a terrorist.”

Is it bad that a very horrible part of me wanted Abu Nazir to respond, “I prefer to think of myself as a teacher …” in that moment?


What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is wrong. The support afforded to them by the United States is wrong. Hate engenders hate. When the oppressed respond with hate, it’s just where they are in their stage of development, especially if the boot of oppression remains on or even near their neck. When their wrongs have been redressed — and please don’t try to talk to me about the idea Palestine has not been wronged, like the Serbs were wronged, like the Jews were wronged, like the Africans were wronged, like the Tasmanians were wronged and so on, down the line — then maybe they can begin to heal, maybe they can begin to collectively forgive.

Also, please understand that I am not saying it is right for children to be killed — by bombs from the Israeli forces or as sacrifices and suicide bombs. Both are equally wrong. The methods used by both sides are deplorable, the guilt is shared equally and I am embarrassed for the portion of my tax dollars spent furthering this conflict. I’d hope I’ve made that abundantly clear since few of us ever really get to be “innocent.”

As for the sentiments of Abu Nazir, in the words of Chris Rock, “I’m not saying I condone it … but I understand.”

Spirit knows I understand.

Watching (Television): Homeland, “Broken Hearts”

yeah, I know, the Department of Homeland Security will be all over this blog like Lindsay Lohan over a line of coke … such is life under Ingsoc …

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Poetry: The Corporate Citizen [#napowrimo2012]

Posted in bad ideas, blame society, creativity, culture, poetry, politics, shameless pandering, society, wackness on April 3rd, 2012 by Hannibal Tabu
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Keep rocking …

“Corporations are people, my friend. Of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people. Where do you think it goes? Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People‚Äôs pockets. Human beings, my friend.”
– Mitt Romney, 2012 presidential candidate

If corporations are people, they can be killed.

They can be cornered in piss-scented alleys,
hemmed in with baseball bats
reflected in hunting knife blades,
beaten and stabbed like festive pinatas,
until dividends bleed out on blacktop
rough skin made from layoff notices
scuffed on sidewalk
last gasps of board meeting
leaking into the night.

If corporations are people,
you can get them pregnant.

Compliment their eyes over
overpriced drinks at wood paneled bars,
slipping rohypnol powder in glass
when heads toss back with a laugh.
Roughly kissed before being spun,
hands against back wall of bathroom stall,
Hazy vision taking in cigarette
In toilet water while being penetrated.
Pumped right in profits,
grabbed by the payroll and
enjoyed without care for reciprocity.
They can wake up with regret
instead of human company,
realizing contraception got legislated away
finding wallet missing,
along with dignity.
Taking unwanted subsidiary to term,
Swelled ankles delay deliverables,
morning sickness cancels conference calls
bringing a company into the world,
doomed to short life on bailout welfare,
unloved and never held
set to succumb to crib death
before first birthday.

“Be Careful What You Wish For, Part 1″
By Hannibal Tabu

Gotta run …

Playing (Music): “Lonely” by Janet Jackson

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