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Writing: Stranger Comics Debuts Fantasy Novella by Hannibal Tabu March 19, 2014

Posted in 104, entertainment, fiction, shameless pandering, writing on February 19th, 2014 by Hannibal Tabu
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I am very, very pleased to report that on March 19, 2014, Stranger Comics will be releasing Waso: Will To Power, Episode 1, a fantasy novella set in the fictional world of Asunda written by myself and featuring a cover illustration by Hyoung Taek Nam.

Waso: Will To Power

Following in the footsteps of the comic series Dusu: Path of the Ancient by Sebastian A. Jones, Christopher Garner and James Cory Webster, the impetuous son of the chief is forced to take the reins of controlling the tribe after the dramatic events in the Dusu series. The book follows his struggle to help rebuild the tribe in the face of enormous odds in a tale set against the lush junglescape of Asunda’s untamed Ugoma region.

As a writer, it was a wonderful challenge workong inside the fictional framework of Asunda’s rich culture, with its striking linguistic differences and exotic flora and fauna (some of which I got to help create). Working with my editor Josh Cozine and Asunda’s creator Sebastian Jones has been a delight, a thorough education in world building and narrative experimentation.

Waso: Will To Power is a novella divided into six parts (most of which is already written) and will be released at the middle of each month for an affordable price of … wait, what? This can’t be right. Let’s read that again …

… nope, that’s correct. The first of six installments will be FREE, and will be available through online resources like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I hope you’ll check it out and I hope you enjoy it! I’ll have flyers to promote it next week at 6PM when I’m signing copies of Artifacts #35 at Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica.

Watching (Netflix): House of Cards, Season 2 Episode 3

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Futurism: Resolute

Posted in 104, awesomeness, birthday, blame society, blogworld 2012, business, cheap publicity, creativity, effectiveness, family, fiction, inspiration, life, music, randomness, relationships, whimsy, writing on January 4th, 2011 by Hannibal Tabu
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Despite my wife’s assertations to the contrary, I have made new year’s resolutions for 2011. Since I hit many of my my marks for 2010, I honestly had a belief I’d just keep them to myself, but I don’t believe I can be fully accountable that way. So, here’s what’s on deck:

  • I will send no fewer than nine emails a month for the sole purpose of maintaining friendships with people I respect. After retiring from the night life, I’ve become a virtual recluse, focused on my five most important relationships (wife counts for two, each kid gets a slot, and the last slot is a race between my ambitions, my N900 and my MacBook Pro, depending on what’s going on) while unfortunately letting my truly amazing friendships fall by the wayside. I’ve done some things in order to try and fix that, but being a better communicator
  • Speaking of, I resolve to find three to five ways to be a better communicator. I have a frequent problem of saying things and people coming back at me as though I said something different, or as if they only heard parts of what I said. This is very frustrating for a born storyteller. I’m gonna look at methods to increase my clarity in 2011.
  • I resolve to begin my campaign in earnest to be the keynote speaker for Blogworld 2012, where I will be introduced by Jenny “The Bloggess” Larson (she’s already verbally committed) and present alongside Erick Sermon (who’s expressed an interest). People think I’m joking. I’m not.
  • By my daughter Fuss’ 2nd birthday on December 31st, 2011, I will have completed my third novel (not impossible, I’m on the last chapter of the first draft), composed and released two songs from my proposed mixtape, The Hannibal Tabu Experience: Don’t Sing It, Bring It, and created at least one mash up from my very lengthy list of proposed mixes. You read that right. Novelist, recording artist, DJ. All in one year.
  • I will drink more water, at least getting back to the levels I did when I was hosting karaoke.

If I can handle all of that on top of working hard every day to be a husband, father, product manager (well, on week days when there’s no holiday for that one) and human becoming (because the work and the progress should never stop), I’ll be doing pretty well. Feel free to check me on this stuff as the year goes on.

Playing (Music): “Beat Box” by AlBe Back

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