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Poetry: A New Beginning [#napowrimo2012]

Posted in awesomeness, creativity, culture, daughter, happiness, inspiration, napowrimo, poetry, wife on April 30th, 2012 by Hannibal Tabu
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Ha! You thought I’d forget! That because I was stir fried from doing that free MP3 column I’d screw up and stumble on the last day, huh? DON’T LET THE MICKEY FICKEY SMOOTH TASTE FOOL YOU, DAWG!

Here we go.


Like sunrise reflected
in toddler eyes
this is our chance.

Today we can do better,
we can find our way,
encourage greatness,
redeem dreams like lottery tickets.

Start all over.

Transition ain’t easy,
loading cardboard clad baggage
of mortgaged yesterdays
into moving trucks of motivation.
Making the trip
takes gasoline,
elbow grease
patience through stop signs
and stopped types
logjamming your route,
but we gon’ do
what they say
can’t be done.

Open front door to reset
hardwood floors for footsteps
echoing in tomorrow’s memories,
that one spot by kitchen
always creaks
watch your step.

Start all over.

This is it.
Holding hands,
striding heads high into sunlight,
don’t need no shades
don’t need to squint
see possibilities just fine
making mark in grandchildren legacies
stepping up
hitting free throws
getting out of bed
especially when it’s so warm
when she’s so warm
knowing world’s so cold.

Doesn’t matter.
Starting all over,
unpacking lessons we need
conveniently forgetting
boxes of transgressions
that rot foundations
this is a new place,
a new day
a new chance
to make it all right.

Best of all?
We’ll get another one tomororow.
Let’s go!

“Movin’ On Up”
By Hannibal Tabu

That said, this blog may go dark a while again (maybe not, now that I have both FTP and Wordpress going well on my iPad) but I (always) have a lot going on at Komplicated (celebrating its first birthday tomorrow) and I have a few projects in the pipeline (that one from before with the preview art is pretty much dead in that format now, long stupid story) that I hope to share soon. In any case, thanks for the support, and no, you’re unlikely to see me here for National Novel Writing Month. That joint is exhausting.

Playing (Music): “The Way” by Fastball

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Poetry: Burn, Baby, Burn [#napowrimo2012]

Posted in bad ideas, blame society, creativity, culture, napowrimo, poetry, society on April 29th, 2012 by Hannibal Tabu
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Great discussion this morning on Sunday Morning Live.

A train runs through center
of Los Angeles’ urban blight,
graffitti tagged streets
crime statistics
lower property values.

There’s no smoke
no truckers
pulled from place of work
national guard isn’t being deployed
fear that lurks on corners
and in alleys
is everyday variety.

Harder to get a job here
than it was twenty years ago.
More digital opiates,
glowing rectangles
chances for distraction.

Trayvon Martin.
Fredrick Martin Jr.
Oscar Grant, Jr.
Kendrec McDade.
That’s just this year.

Blood set to ignite
the fire this time.

Now train runs through town,
urban renewal
launched twenty years
after justice failed to stop here.

Easier to ship in troops via rail
armor via freeway
suppression via air
should sparks alight again.

“On The Anniversary Of The 1992 Uprisings”
By Hannibal Tabu

One more day left …

Watching (Hulu): Parks & Recreation “The Debate” by Maroon 5

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Poetry: “… sweet sounds, coming down …” [#napowrimo2012]

Posted in bad ideas, creativity, culture, haiku, inspiration, masochism, napowrimo, poetry, randomness, sleep, writing on April 28th, 2012 by Hannibal Tabu
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I need to do a comic piece Monday …


Quiet dark around
Monitor light, keys tapping
Churn out tomorrow

”Haiku: The Night Shift for Writers”
By Hannibal Tabu

Tomorrow, I’ll be live on Sunday Morning Live talking about the 20th anniversary of the LA uprisings after the Rodney King verdicts, as well as doing a pre-recorded segment of tech talk and culture commentary. Just so ya know …

Playing (Music): “Sweet Sixteen” by Destiny’s Child

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