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Comics: Michael Avon Oeming Joins Hannibal Tabu & Nelson Blake 2 on Artifacts #35

Posted in 104, comics, creativity on January 14th, 2014 by Hannibal Tabu
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… and now, for my big secret …


Artifacts #35 is the last issue in Top Cow Productions 2012 Talent Hunt issues, and they’re making sure it goes out with a bang. Written by 2012 writing winner Hannibal Tabu (best known for his biting and relentless column The Buy Pile at Comic Book Resources), the book already had a cover from Nelson Blake 2 (Artifacts, Magdelena) and now Eisner and Eagle-Award winning artist Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Bulletproof Monk) will be providing interior art.

“I am still floored by the idea that two artists of this caliber are bringing my words to life,” Tabu said. “I knew it was hard, with no Talent Hunt-winning arists left for me, but this, wow, this is the dream coming true!”

Artifacts #35 follows Irish gunrunner and lovable scoundrel Michael Finnegan as he navigates through a world of zealots, mercenaries and dangerous curves. The issue is slated to land on retail shelves February 26 from Top Cow Productions, an Image Comics imprint.

For more information on upcoming Hannibal Tabu releases — including the fantasy novella Waso: Will To Power from Stranger Comics and the superhero comic Project: Wildfire #9-12 from Legends Press — on Hannibal Tabu’s Twitter feed.

That’s the thing I can tell you. I’ve been sitting on it for a while. Michael freaking Avon Oeming sitting with my script somewhere, just … wow.

However, there’s so much I can’t tell you yet. So many cool things … well … I can tell you some things, I suppose. Quinn McGowan. Project: Wildfire

Okay. That’s kind of out of the bag … but here’s one more treat for you from Jason Reeves, one thing we’re not talking about yet

Okay … we’ll have more to discuss as time goes on. Yes, I’ll address Watson & Holmes in due time. Feel free to chat up the wonder of myself and Mr. Oeming, because that’s awesome.

Watching (Hulu): “The Empty Child,” Doctor Who

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Call To Action: Hannibal’s Very First Comic Book & How *You* Can Help

Posted in 104, awesomeness, buy pile, comics, creativity, happiness, inspiration, writing on November 6th, 2013 by Hannibal Tabu
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It could be considered an innocuous notice on page 316 of the latest Previews catalog …

solicitation ad for watson & holmes #7

… or it could have been presented like this …


  • Steven Grant (Punisher, Wolverine, 2 Guns)
  • Hannibal Tabu (The Buy Pile at Comic Book Resources, 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt winner)
  • Featuring Art by Dennis Calero (Supergirl & The Legion of Super Heroes, X-Factor)

When one of Watson’s old army buddies gets in trouble, the crime solving duo leave the streets of New York behind for the tedium of the midwest. Holmes relies heavily on his network of informants and operatives … none of whom can help in so far from home.

Making this comic was so much fun for a number of reasons …

  • Working closely with Steven Grant has been a real education, in the best possible way. He’s a consummate professional who really knows the craft in ways that I was very, very happy learn from.
  • Brandon, Zack and everybody at New Paradigm run a very tight ship, and that was also a real pleasure.
  • Dennis Calero leapt into the creation of our fictional Illinois town, heavily based on Rockford, the city where I was born. they say you can’t go home again, but let’s just say this is close.
  • What can I say about Karl Bollers, who was like a big brother to me? He really help me get inside the heads and voices of the characters. That was enormous advantage.

This issue also follows hot on the heels of the surely under-ordered sixth issue, written by my good friend Brandon Easton. I am certain that when the story gets out, lots of people will be talking about it. All of the people who funded these issues on Kickstarter are surely going to get their money’s worth.

Another great thing for me was being able to touch on the plight of service people who are not properly served by the infrastructure when they return home. My wife and I both have close friends who served overseas, and to know the kinds of challenges they face when trying to reenter great with regular life, it’s really heartbreaking. Regardless of what you think about the policies behind military action (believe me I’m not in favor of it), the people who served, the actual boots on the ground, are really doing the best they can with a challenging situation. Hopefully, our story can bring a little more attention to that, even if only in a “don’t hate the player, hate the game” kind of way.

Here’s what I want you to do: please use the Comic Shop Locator to find the comic book store nearest you. Then please call that shop, and ask them to reserve a copy of Watson and Holmes #7 for you. Every time a retailer gets a person asking for a book, that encourages them to buy more to have on the stands in case people come in looking for. You can use either order code, NOV131148 or STK628599.

the cover for watson & holmes #7

Pre-orders help determine how retailers buy comics, as they are considered the actual customer by publishers. Black writers are wildly underrepresented in comics (only 20 Black writers have ever written more than one issue for the companies making up 70 percent of the market), so each thing we do can reflect positively or negatively on every one who follows them. Plus, as a degree holder in English, I guarantee this is a solid, self contained story.

If you love me, if you like me, if you even just barely tolerate me, I would really appreciate if you could do this for my professional debut as a comic book writer.

In any case, I “really, really thank you for dancing ’til the end, you found a way to freak out, you’re not afraid to freak out …”

Playing (Music): “Dance Apocalyptic” by Janelle Monae

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Fiction: Another Good Trick That I Know

Posted in 104, bad ideas, blame society, children, creativity, entertainment, fiction, parenting, randomness on May 27th, 2013 by Hannibal Tabu
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i will show you another good trick that i know

I wrote this bit of flash fiction and realized I read a lot of children’s books …

Taking off the stovepipe hat, the huge feline shook himself awkwardly, standing on two legs. The inside of the surveillance van was small, but one of his red-jumpsuited partners bumped into him trying to remove, as he said, “these infernal onesies.”

A shrill tone sounded and the cat reached over and picked up a black satellite phone, extending the antenna to activate it, putting the call on speaker.

“Go for the Doctor,” he said roughly, picking flecks of milk and dried cake from his black fur.

“How’d it go?” the voice on the other end, a woman, asked.

“Pretty good, based on the contact high I got from the hallucinogens we pumped in there,” the cat said, smoothing the white fur on his belly with his gloves. “They believed I was what I looked like, and I’m pretty sure the boy thought his fish was talking when that skeptical little twat Sally kept being a killjoy.”

“You stayed in character and went with it, good,” the woman’s voice said, sounding pleased as the two men in red jump suits took off their wigs. She continued, “But you did the job? Hang on, you sound muffled … are you still wearing that mask?”

Chuckling, the cat pulled at his ears, revealing a pale, balding man with salt and pepper hair in streaks on both sides. “That thing’s comfy from inside, as cold as it is out there. My high was wearing off when the twins were doing their thing, after setting up the taps on data lines outside. While they kept the kids busy, I was able to install the cameras and microphones.”

“Do you think the kids will say anything?” the woman’s voice asked, worried.

“The boys down in psych ops had this right,” the man replied, smirking as he started to unzip his costume. “Nobody would believe a giant cat and two blue haired weirdos in a box were ever here. If they did tell their mom, what evidence could they present? That place is just the way we found it … with our own exceptions.”

“Good, then we should have all the intel we need,” she said, satisfied. “Wrap it up and get back to the safehouse, we need to get you three out of the country tonight.”

“Roger that,” the cat-man said as one of the twins, now dressed as a power company employee, took the driver’s seat. Clicking the phone closed, the cat-man said, “That really is that,” as the van drove into the rainy afternoon.

It really bothered me that the CITH disappeared for so long, and that Sally had no lines.

Coincidentally, I don’t see any reason the cheese should stand alone, either …

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