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Free Agency: Back On The Market (Professionally Speaking)

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As of Monday, I will officially be back on the open market after five and a half years with a major integrated managed care organization (MIMCO).

I learned a lot during my time with MIMCO, made some great friends and have no regrets that my time there has come to a close. I’m excited to move forward with new opportunities and new accomplishments.

What am I available to do? I’m glad you asked — I’ll list from lowest to highest level of committment.

  • FREELANCE WRITING AND EDITING: Blurbs to articles, marketing to journalism, comic books to prose fiction, retail to internal communications.
  • DJ/KARAOKE HOSTING: The largest events I’ve done were concert venues, the smallest were private parties in a home. Ready to deliver good times.
  • WEB PRODUCTION: From wireframes to final deployments, I’ve ushered more websites from concept to execution than I can remember. Small accounts and large.
  • LONG TERM PROJECT/PRODUCT MANAGEMENT: When you need someone to make sure the trains run on time, that things keep going right after you did it the first time.

I can do a number of other things, but I normally stay focused on these areas.

Feel free to contact me with any opportunities or inquiries.

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