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Poetry: Life Is A Great Big Hang Up [#napowrimo2012]

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Each year my love of comics has shone through, in poems about comics characters, largely inspired by one piece from the inimitable Rob Sturma. This is the first for this year …


I can’t fly.

Whip of wind past
Ridiculous red and blue
Clinging to every inch of
taut teen form.
Gravity seeks to claim me
Like tax exemption,
I could be a fast-moving
Spandex smear on Vesey
Before anyone could cry for help.

I’m going to die …

… until yank of web
almost pulls bone from socket,
hurling me in concentric arc uptown.
Legs slicing air,
Skyscraper reflection fleeting
As I defy every convention
My Queens background
Told me I had to accept.

Danger doesn’t scare me.

Can’t be a fly on the wall,
(duck the pumpkin bomb)
But I’m the next best thing
(blast of high pressure sand past my torso)
Calling every surface my floor
(metal tentacle misses spearing me by an inch)
Since I was a high school junior.

Avatars of impossible totemism
Threaten science catastrophe
Between photo assignments,
Smoky glances with secretaries
Late notices on bills.

Breathe between moments
that could be my last,
Everyday adventures,
Billionaire ideas in rent controlled rooms
My greatest responsibility
Redeeming one, terrible day
Power went unused.

“Peter Parker”
By Hannibal Tabu

I’ll admit it was harder getting into this one, as I don’t particularly like Spider-Man, but once I got a grasp on the kind of pressure he thrives under — like a Marine going door to door in Fallujah with a shotgun — it was easier to relate his personal struggle. Anyhoo, there that is,

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