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Poetry: Interrogative [#napowrimo2012]

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As with last year, my plan is to dedicate Friday selections to my wonderful wife. Dedicate what? Stuff like this …


There are joys with you
that cannot be replicated,
cannot be found elsewhere,
that wouldn’t be worth trading
for a billion dollars,
the end of life as we know it
or any of my other
non-you-related fondest dreams.

Smoothness of your thigh against mine,
skies igniting with merest hint of your smile,
the real one with genuine surprise or joy,
not the ridiculous affectation
we both use for emphasis.
Hook shots your brain concocts
for even the most innocuous conversations,
grandmama quilt security
of your support and appreciation
Whisper of voice against my chest or neck
after kids are tucked in.

challenges hang between us
like natty draperies in
less-than-favorite aunt’s den.
Exhaustion makes vocabulary coarse instead of common,
bare third wire desires
scalding sleepless sensitivities,
forcing flinches and recoils
at awkward moments.
Our matched nihilism
manifests in different ways —
me dreaming of rewriting reality
one paragraph at a time,
yours retreating into
neatly arranged family function.

Payday makes work worthwhile,
rewards of you
and pint sized reflections of your grace
far outweigh fleeting burdens of bluster,
dropped calls, late night snores.

You are everything,
cosmos of possibility
held fast to tedious firmament
by history best left dusty, undisturbed.

You are aviation,
dream of cloud tops and scraping sky,
wings tracing lines behind
footsteps chasing toddler
or chauffeuring firstborn.

Would you tell me,
how could it be
any better than this?

“FAQ 2012 (or ‘Are You Happy With Me?’)”
By Hannibal Tabu

Yes, poems over the weekend. Hoo hah.

Playing (Music): “Time To Smile” by Joi

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